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Study, Pray, Serve: Christmas

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There are FOUR different options for Mass Readings on the Feast of Christmas! As it depends on the Mass you attend (and the preference of the presider) I will limit my reflection to the Gospel readings.

Vigil Mass – Matthew 1:1-25

  • The Genealogy of Jesus Christ, with fourteen generations between Abraham to David, fourteen generations between David to the Babylonian exile, and fourteen generations between the Babylonian exile to Christ.
  • The passage concludes with the angel’s message in Joseph’s dream to welcome Mary into his home.

Mass at Midnight – Luke 2:1-14

  • Joseph brings Mary to Bethlehem for the census, and there Mary gives birth to Jesus and lays him in swaddling clothes in a manger.
  • The angels proclaim a message of hope to the shepherds nearby, singing “Glory to God in the highest!”

Mass at Dawn – Luke 2:15-20

  • The shepherds go to Bethlehem and find the baby Jesus in the manger.
  • The message of the angels is made known to Mary and Joseph, and the shepherds return home praising God.

Mass during the Day – John 1:1-18

  • The Prologue of John’s Gospel reveals that Jesus is the Word of God who became flesh and came into our world, shining with a light that the darkness can neither understand nor overcome.
  • John the Baptist testifies that Jesus is the Son of God.

Mass Readings – Christmas

Vigil Mass

Mass at Midnight

Mass at Dawn

Mass during the Day


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Daily Mass: Who needs a sign when we have Jesus Christ? Catholic Inspiration

Transept in the basilica of St. John Lateran, Rome

Jesus makes it clear that no special signs will be given to the people, for they have something greater than any prophet or miracle. They have the Son of God!

Mass Reading – Monday of the 28th Week of the Year

Daily Mass: The authority of Christ. Catholic Inspiration

The authority of Jesus is witnessed in Capernaum as he teaches and drives out an unclean spirit.  The Lord’s authority, however, is also present in our lives, leading and directing our actions as disciples.

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 1st Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: Seeing the face of Jesus. Catholic Inspiration

As Simeon sees the Christ Child he recognizes the Messiah and gives praise to God.  As the Kingdom of Heaven continues to unfold here on earth, we have daily opportunities to seek out the face of Jesus in our lives and respond with joy and gratitude.

Mass Readings – 5th Day in the Octave of Christmas


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Daily Mass: He is Christ the Lord. Catholic Inspiration

As Jesus claims his divinity in the Gospel of John we are challenged to consider how our lives conform to Christ.  He is our Lord and His example guides and directs our lives in all things.

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 5th Week of Lent


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Christ is our King! Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

He is our creator, our savior, our judge and our friend.  In simple and unassuming ways, he will meet us in our struggles through this life with the courage and conviction to continue in the toughest of times.  As our king he deserves our allegiance; yet he lays down his life that we might be saved.  We owe everything to Jesus Christ, our King!


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Photo Credit: The Passion of the Christ, 2004.

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