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Daily Mass: Fostering a home grown faith. Catholic Inspiration

A favorite picture of my family…a few years ago!

The Lord’s poor reception in Nazareth reminds us not to take for granted the opportunities we have to encounter Christ in the ordinary and everyday aspects of our lives.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 17th Week of the Year

Daily Mass: We are in the hands of God. Catholic Inspiration

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Jeremiah shares the image of the potter and the clay to illustrate our relationship with the Lord.

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 17th Week of the Year

Daily Mass: The profound witness of St. Martha. Catholic Inspiration

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Martha gives witness to the words of Jesus that He is “the resurrection and the life.” May her example inspire our faith!

Mass Readings – St. Martha

Daily Mass: The final judgment. Catholic Inspiration

The Lord’s explanation of parable of the weeds reminds us of the reality of the Final Judgment and our opportunity today to seek Christ above all else.

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 17th Week of the Year

Daily Mass: The Kingdom of Heaven grows from a tiny seed. Catholic Inspiration

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Jesus uses the examples of seeds and yeast to demonstrate how God works in our world by starting small and growing strong over time.

Mass Readings – Monday of the 17th Week of the Year

18th Sunday of the Year: The miracle of fishes and loaves.

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Study:  Where in my life have I experienced God’s abundant grace?  Where and when have I encountered a miracle?

Pray:  Jesus met the people in their needs; perhaps we might come to the Lord with our concerns and fears.

Serve:  How might we be an instrument of grace for another today?  Has the Lord put someone in our life right now to serve?

18th Sunday of the Year Readings

The Gospel this week offers a familiar story that many of us have heard on numerous occasions.  The miracle of the fishes and loaves offers a rich opportunity to reflect on a variety of themes that are central to the Christian disciple.

In order to do this, let’s take a step-by-step review of this story:

1.  Jesus hears of the death of John the Baptist
2.  Jesus seeks solitude in a deserted place
3.  The crowds eagerly seek Jesus
4.  Jesus sees the crowds and pities them
5.  Jesus cures their sick
6.  The people are hungry and far from home
7.  The disciples tell Jesus to send the people away
8.  Jesus tells the disciples to feed the people
9.  The disciples say there is only 5 loaves & 2 fish
11.  There is an abundance (leftovers of food!)

Here are a few observations:

1.  Jesus’ heart is moved with sorrow for the death of John the Baptist.  Perhaps he is considering his own approaching death, and he seeks some quiet personal time.  Yet when the crowds crush in upon him, the Lord pities and responds to their needs.  It is the generous and loving heart of Jesus that is worthy of reflection and observation here.

2.  Jesus observes that many people are sick, and the Lord takes the time to heal their bodies.

3.  The people have been with Jesus all day.  They are far from home, and they have not eaten.  While the disciples want the Lord to send them away, Jesus commands them to feed the people; when they use the limited food supply as their excuse, Jesus takes, blesses, breaks, and gives them an abundance.  Thus, Jesus cares for the people – body and soul in a way that is truly overwhelming.

4.  The same verbs of taking, blessing, breaking, and giving are used to describe the Lord at the Last Supper.  This feeding miracle is just another form of Eucharist!

Jesus moves beyond his own personal concerns to love, respond, and serve others.  The Lord cares for both the physical and spiritual needs of people in a generous way.  May we follow his example in our own lives of service and ministry.

Note: This post was first published on July 29, 2014.

17th Sunday of the Year: The priority of the Kingdom of Heaven. Catholic Inspiration

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Using parables of the treasure and the pearl, Jesus teaches us that the Kingdom of Heaven is our priority above all else.

Mass Readings – 17th Sunday of the Year

Daily Mass: In every disciple beats a servant’s heart. Catholic Inspiration

Jesus takes a “teachable moment” to transform a divisive request into an opportunity to understand service as a disciple. Will we offer our lives for the Lord today?

Mass Readings – Feast of St. James

Daily Mass: The Lord guards us like a shepherd. Catholic Inspiration

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Guided and guarded by God, we grow in grace so as to give ourselves in service to one another.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 16th Week of the Year

Daily Mass: We are blessed; now live the blessing! Catholic Inspiration

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The Lord reveals to the disciples that they are blessed in what they have seen and heard. The same is true for us: we have been blessed with the gift of faith…now it’s up to us to live it.

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 16th Week of the Year

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