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Daily Mass: Do you love the Lord? Catholic Inspiration

After the resurrection, Jesus asks Peter three times “Do you love me?”  It’s a powerful reminder that God’s answer to human weakness and limitation is love…and our invitation is to offer our love to the Lord – regardless of our imperfections – with an open heart.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 7th Week of Easter


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Daily Mass: The Joy that comes from Jesus Christ. Catholic Inspiration

Jesus prays to the Father that the disciples might share in his joy.  As a Fruit of the Spirit, joy is a quality that arises from our love with God and one another.  May we look for joy in our lives today and share the joy of Jesus Christ with those we meet.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 7th Week of Easter


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6th Sunday of Easter: The Great Commandment of Love. Catholic Inspiration

The commandment to love one another as Christ loves us will stretch us and invite us to offer our entire lives as disciples of Jesus Christ.  May our “Yes!” open our hearts to God’s love in our lives as we share this love with those we meet today.

Mass Readings – 6th Sunday of Easter

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Daily Mass: The loving friendship of God. Catholic Inspiration

“Love one another as I love you” is an awe-inspiring commandment.  We cannot do this alone; rather, Jesus chooses us and appoints us to follow his example and bear the fruit of unconditional love in our hearts.  As our friend, he gives us the grace and strength we need to walk in the light of his love.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 5th Week of Easter


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6th Sunday of Easter: Love, the Great Commandment


Study:  When in my life have I been most authentically and genuinely loving toward others?  What helped me to live this way?

Pray:  Who is difficult to love in my life right now?  Pray that the love of Christ comes into our hearts to transform us into God’s love.

Serve:  Who am I called to love today?  How can I act toward another that brings Christ’s love into their lives?

Mass Readings – 6th Sunday of Easter

The second reading from 1 John 4:7-10 and the Gospel from John 15:9-17 are as blunt and direct as the Bible delivers.  In the first and last analysis, everything we proclaim as Christians is measured and evaluated in the light of a single concept:


And on first glance it sounds wonderful!  Love evokes many wholesome and beautiful concepts that speak to our hearts; love lifts our spirits and draws us closer together – drawing strength and peace from both God and the people around us.

Yet love is also challenging.  Love makes demands upon us to stretch beyond our normal comfort zones – thinking and acting in ways that are modeled on Jesus Christ.  Consider…

  • Forgiving our enemies
  • Seeking the good in others
  • Being the first to work at healing & reconciliation
  • Dedicated to others in times of difficulty and stress
  • Remaining positive and supportive
  • Standing up for those who are oppressed
  • Serving those who are hard to love…and seeing Christ in them

While we strive for these practical applications of love on our good days, Lord knows we need to keep working at love – especially when we are in a bad place.  Two keys thoughts can help us:

  1. Stay close to Jesus – the source of all LOVE
  2. When in doubt – act in a loving manner

The first point is simple: we cannot fulfill God’s command to love unless we are closely connected to the Son of God.  We hear that “God is love” in the 2nd reading, and we know that our lives draw grace and strength when we unite our hearts to the Lord.  Staying close to Jesus helps us to evaluate and fulfill this key commandment.

The second point is immensely practical.  Sometimes we don’t feel particularly loving!  When that happens we can move ourselves to a better place by acting in a Godly fashion…the feelings will follow eventually.  While our emotions are crucial sources of “inside information” to the state of our hearts, we guide our lives by Jesus (and not a momentary feeling) who loves us unconditionally.  Thus, when we act in a loving way – love actually grows in our hearts!

“This I command you: love one another.”


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Christ and the Rich Young Ruler, Heinrich Hofmann; 1 June 1889, 480 x 599 pixels, Riverside Church, New York, NY.

4th Sunday of Easter: The example of the Good Shepherd. Catholic Inspiration

The Good Shepherd offers his life for the care and protection of the sheep.  The Lord’s example inspires us: God calls us – in spite of our imperfections and weaknesses – to care and protect those entrusted to us.  May we call upon the Shepherd for what we need as we continue his service in the world.

Mass Readings – 4th Sunday of Easter


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2nd Sunday of Easter: United in mind and heart

The unity of the disciples through gratitude, love and peace offers us an example of how we draw together today with the people God puts in our lives.  This is is not easy work…but it is worth it!

Mass Readings – 2nd Sunday of Easter


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