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Daily Mass: Guide me, Lord! Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Friday of the 26th Week of the Year (St. Jerome)

In the Book of Job we hear of God’s power and might; Luke’s Gospel shows Jesus chastising the towns that refused to accept his message.  Our response today: to call upon the Lord to guide us with wisdom and strength!

Daily Mass: With the strength of the Archangels. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – The feast of the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

We celebrate the strength of the archangels today, calling upon them for assistance in our moments of need.


Archangel Michael, Guido Reni, 1636, Santa Maria de Concezioni, Roma.

Blue Mass: To protect and serve. Catholic Inspiration

St. Michael

Fr. Andrew’s Homily Podcast


Calling upon the strength of our Guardian Angels, Cathedral School and the Knights of Columbus are honored to pray for those in law enforcement, fire and rescue that they may continue to protect and serve us with God’s grace.

Cathedral School kids

Daily Mass: Calling upon the Lord in our need. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 26th Week of the Year (St. Vincent de Paul)

The psalm response “Let my prayer come before you, O Lord” reminds us that even in our darkest moments we turn to the one who knows us, loves us, and helps us when we need it most.


And a little extra thank you from Fr. Andrew…

27th Sunday of the Year: The fire of our faith. Catholic Inspiration

Study:  Reflect on a moment when your faith was on fire.  What people or events helped make this happen?

Pray:  Is your faith struggling right now?  Ask the Lord to renew the fire within your heart.

Serve:  Is there someone in your life who is struggling with their faith?  How can you help support them?

Mass Readings – 27th Sunday of the Year

The Second Letter to Timothy and the Gospel of Luke offer us a couple of crucial insights regarding our faith in Jesus Christ.

The words to Timothy are inspiring:  “I remind you to stir into flame the gift of God…for God did not give us a spirit of cowardice but of power and love and self control…Guard this rich trust with the help of the Holy Spirit that dwells within us.” 

We have received the grace of Jesus Christ through our sacraments, prayer, and the power of the Holy Spirit.  There is power in these words!  Our lives are transformed when we open out hearts to the fire of faith, and we receive strength to face the difficulties and challenges of life with God’s help.

Sometimes we can lose sight of the great gift of our faith.  We can take it for granted, leave it uncultivated, or perhaps stop feeding it with the proper fuel.  Yet when we nourish our faith in Jesus Christ, the power of the Lord’s love renews us and directs us to share our lives with others in dynamic ways.  We become so much more when our faith is burning bright; indeed, we shine as sons and daughters of God.

But how does this faith start?  In Luke’s Gospel the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith, and the Lord reminds them that faith – like a seed – always begins as a tiny thing.  Just as a single spark can become a roaring fire, so too, our faith can blaze forth when we willing call upon God’s help.

How do you see your faith today?  Is it burning hot or only a tiny ember?  We hold firm to the conviction that the Lord can take even the smallest spark and infuse it with holy fire.  May we ask the Lord to touch our faith so we can glow with the love of Jesus Christ.

26th Sunday of the Year – To see clearly the needs of our neighbors. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – 26th Sunday of the Year

The parable of the rich man and Lazarus invites us to see the needs of others with the clarity of God’s grace.

Daily Mass: Facing doubt and fear. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 25th Week of the Year

The disciples did not understand what Jesus said about his suffering and death, and they were afraid to ask for more information.  Yet as they eventually would move from fear to faith we are inspired to face whatever confronts us this day – knowing that the Lord will help us every step of the way.