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The Holy Family. Catholic Inspiration

Family life is crazy and chaotic, sometimes blissful, sometimes frustrating, big and noisy, small and quiet, in a every shape, size and configuration imaginable.  Yet it is within the specific context of our families that we grow in faith and life lessons.  May we look to the Holy Family for inspiration as we seek the best in our families, dedicate earnest effort in supporting them, and pray every day for the Lord’s guidance and strength.

Mass Readings – The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph


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Daily Mass: The power of family life. Catholic Inspiration

After the praise of Anna in the Temple, Mary and Joseph return home to Nazareth where Jesus will grow in strength and wisdom.  It’s a good reminder about the power of a family to foster faith, encourage goodness and build lasting bonds of love.  May we dedicate ourselves to building up our own families each and every day.

Mass Readings – The 6th Day in the Octave of Christmas


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Daily Mass: The sight of Simeon. Catholic Inspiration

Simeon looks beyond the outward appearances of the baby of Mary and Joseph and sees the Son of God.  May we pray that the Holy Spirit will give us clear sight to recognize the Lord’s presence in our daily actions, empowering us to respond with faith, hope and love.

Mass Readings – The 5th Day in the Octave of Christmas


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Simeon’s Song of Praise, Aert de Gelder, 1700-1710, The Hague.

Daily Mass: The Holy Innocents. Catholic Inspiration

Why do the innocent suffer?  Why is there senseless violence, hate, cruelty and pain?  God has granted human souls with the freedom to choose good or evil, and the consequences can be profound.  Yet it was for our sins that the Christ child was born, breaking the chains of evil and offering us a chance for grace and mercy.  May the death of these innocent children inspire us to hold fast to our faith as we follow the Lord.

Mass Readings – The Feast of the Holy Innocents, martyrs


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Make a New Year’s Resolution with Catholic Inspiration!

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My name is Fr. Andrew Ricci.  I am a Catholic priest for the Diocese of Superior, and I have been rector of the Cathedral of Christ the King for the last nine years.  Perhaps you have read one of my blog posts at or you’ve listened to my podcast at Catholic Inspiration.  If you have found these resources at all helpful, consider one of these New Year’s faith-filled resolution.

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  2. Sign up with media sources like Apple Podcasts, iHeart Radio, or Spotify.  Search for “Catholic Inspiration” and add it to your list.  You can adjust your settings to receive a notification every time a new podcast is produced.
  3. Share Catholic Inspiration with your family and friends!  We all trust people we know, and if these messages foster your faith, I’d appreciate it if you would pass them along.

God bless us all as we grow in faith in 2018!

Daily Mass: St. John – Apostle & Evangelist

As an apostle, St. John was filled with the Holy Spirit and sent by Jesus; as an evangelist, his writings have inspired generations of Christians with the Good News of the Gospel.  We can look to John for an example: living our faith in the world today as we  testify to the light of Jesus Christ.

Mass Readings – Feast of St. John, Apostle and evangelist


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Daily Mass: The martyrdom of St. Stephen. Catholic Inspiration

With the joy of Christ’s birth ringing in the air we celebrate today the death of St. Stephen, the first martyr.  Why?  To help us see the connection between the Christ’s birth and saving death as we offer our lives for the Lord.  Thus, the Christmas spirit gives us hope to face the sacrifices of this life with the conviction that the Jesus Christ will guide and lead us to Heaven.

Mass Readings – Feast of Stephen, first martyr


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The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Holy Family

Study:  What is going on in my family right now?  What dynamics, concerns, and strengths are we facing?

Pray:  Call upon God’s grace for your family.  Be specific and practical!

Serve:  How can we help bless our families right now?  What can we do to strengthen and unite together as a holy family?

Mass Readings – The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

During this holiday season I am amazed at how many people reorganize their schedules and events to accommodate the many family events that happen during this time of the year.  Many people spend long hours on the road, sometimes celebrating Christmas two or three times with different branches of the family tree.

For some people this time of year can be a mixed blessing.  The stress of traveling with uncertain weather, compounded with the hectic expectations of the commercial side of the season, can sometimes lead us to view Christmas as an exercise in frustration.  This frustration is particularly true when we add the unique issues that are part of our own family.

All of us are part of a family.  Some big, others small, some scattered across the globe, others spaced along a couple of city streets.  In our extended families there are people we can’t wait to see, and there may even be some who are difficult to get along with for a conversation.  Within our families there is usually a mixture of joy and sorrow, peace and discomfort, calm and chaos.

Yet like it or not, God has planted us within these groups of people to help us find our place within the larger world.  Our families help define who we are, how we experience life, and what our dreams and hopes are for the future.  With all their strengths and weaknesses, our families help us understand the meaning and purpose of our lives.

The fact that we celebrate the family of Jesus helps us realize that God is present within our families, too.  The “Holy Family” was not perfect.  Hardship and persecution followed them before and after the birth of the baby Jesus.  They struggled and suffered like every other family, celebrating the joys and sorrows that accompany us all through life.

The struggles of the Holy Family help us see that the journey of our own families is not an easy one.  Yet we can take hope that just as God was present to them, so too will the Lord strengthen us.

The feast of the Holy Family can remind us all that God truly walks with us in our own families.  Within the blessings and limitations that exist in our families, we recognize God’s loving touch – shaping our lives and helping us see the “Holy Ones” that God has placed in our midst.


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Christmas: The light of Christ gives us hope! Catholic Inspiration

We rely heavily on our sense of sight to understand and navigate through this life.  Light also plays a crucial role in our spiritual lives, and we look to the birth of Jesus Christ – the Light of the World – as the source of our hope that through Christ we will find the grace we need to make our way to Heaven.  Merry Christmas!

Mass Readings For Christmas

Vigil Mass

Mass at Night

Mass at Dawn

Mass during the Day


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4th Sunday of Advent: Be not afraid. Catholic Inspiration

The angel Gabriel tells Mary to “be not afraid” as she hears the news of her role in salvation history.  In our moments of doubt and fear may we follow Mary’s example and turn to the Lord with renewed faith, asking for the grace and strength we need to face our challenges with God’s guidance.

Mass Readings – 4th Sunday of Advent


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