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Daily Mass: Be ready, vigilant and prepared. Catholic Inspiration

Jesus teaches his disciples to be ready – vigilant and prepared – so that we can respond immediately when God calls us to offer our lives for service in the world.

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 29th Week of the Year


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30th Sunday of the Year: O God, be merciful to me a sinner!

Study:  Consider a time when you experienced mercy.  What did it feel like?

Pray:  Are you struggling to be merciful to someone right now?  Ask the Lord for help!

Serve:  Is there an act of mercy you can do for someone in need today?  How can you make it happen?

Mass Readings – 30th Sunday of the Year

The readings this Sunday could have been chosen for the Year of Mercy.  Take a look:

  • 1st Reading – “The Lord is a God of justice, who knows no favorites…”
  • Psalm – “The Lord hears the cry of the poor.”
  • 2nd Reading – “The Lord stood by me and gave me strength.”
  • Gospel – Two men went to the Temple to pray…and the one who said, “O God, be merciful to me a sinner” was heard!

As Pope Francis constantly reminds us, the name of God is Mercy.  Jesus shows us repeated examples of the mercy and love of the Father, inviting us to both receive God’s grace and then live with mercy toward one another.

It’s a simple message, direct and to the point.  Yet we know from our own experience how hard it can be to practice mercy in our world today!  We suffer injury, offense, misunderstanding and hassle in our daily interactions with one another.  People get under our skin.  We get angry.  We lose our focus.

And thus this simple message continues to speak to our hearts, heal our souls, and guide us into the grace that comes when we foster forgiveness and pursue peace.  Mercy is a practical application of the Great Commandment to love one another; mercy becomes our homework for holiness by which we put the example of Jesus into our own daily practice.

God’s mercy washes us clean and heals the wounds caused by sin.  As we seek the Lord’s mercy in our lives, may we allow this gift of mercy to move through us and touch the lives of those we meet.

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Note: This post was first published on October 17, 2016.

29th Sunday of the Year: Don’t give up! Catholic Inspiration

Don’t give up. Don’t. Give. Up. The Scriptures today show us the need to be persistent, call upon one another for help and keep praying each and every day for what we need. Keep fighting, keep moving forward…but don’t give up!

Mass Readings – 29th Sunday of the Year


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Daily Mass: Our public commitment to Christ. Catholic Inspiration

Luke’s Gospel reveals the supernatural consequences of acknowledging or denying Jesus Christ. May we embrace our faith and become living witnesses for the Lord.

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 28th Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: St. Luke shows us how to proclaim the Good News. Catholic Inspiration

Today the Church honors St. Luke, the Evangelist who wrote his Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. A possible companion of St. Paul, Luke shows us that being a disciple provides daily opportunities in words and actions to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Mass Readings – St. Luke, Evangelist


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Daily Mass: Sin is the problem; Jesus Christ is the solution. Catholic Inspiration

Paul’s Letter to the Romans outlines the problem of sin in our world and how God offers a solution through the death and resurrection of Christ. May we put our faith in the Lord today, and embrace this precious gift of eternal life!

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 28th Week of the Year (St. Ignatius)

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Daily Mass: We stop judging others and acknowledge our sins. Catholic Inspiration

The Letter to the Romans is a powerful expression of St. Paul’s thought. In this passage we discover the danger of judging others and glossing over our own sins. Rather, we acknowledge our need for the Savior and embrace the grace of the Cross.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 28th Week of the Year


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