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Daily Mass: The Lord takes delight in his people. Catholic Inspiration

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The Psalm response touches a deep longing in our hearts: to have relationships where those around us breathe joy and love into our lives. This is God’s response to all creation! The Lord takes delight in his people!

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 25th Week of the Year


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St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina…pray for us!

Daily Mass: When we follow Jesus we get to work! Catholic Inspiration

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Jesus sends out the Twelve Apostles with power and authority to carry out his earthly ministry. Their work inspires us to consider how we can serve the Lord with our lives today.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 25th Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: The call of St. Andrew. Catholic Inspiration

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With just two words Jesus calls Matthew and changes his life forever. The Lord continues to call us by name; may we listen and respond!

Mass Readings – St. Matthew, Apostle and Evangelist


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St. Matthew…pray for us!

Daily Mass: Do not hide your light; let it shine! Catholic Inspiration

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Jesus teaches that one does not light a lamp and then cover it; rather, it is put on a stand so that all might see. May we uncover the gifts we have received and shine with Christ’s light in the world!

Mass Readings – Monday of the 25th Week of the Year


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St. Andrew Kim Taegon and St. Paul Chong Hasang…pray for us!

Study, Pray, Serve: 26th Sunday of the Year

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Let’s take a look at some of the main themes in the readings for the 26th Sunday of the Year.

1st Reading – Numbers 11:25-29

  • Some of the spirit of Moses is bestowed upon seventy elders who now prophesy.
  • Eldad and Medad were not on the list of Moses, but the spirit still came upon them; when Joshua attempted to have Moses stop them, Moses prayed that the Lord would make everyone a prophet!

Psalm – 19:8,10,12-14

  • “The precepts of the Lord give joy to the heart.”
  • The Psalmist praises the law of the Lord and exhorts others to follow God’s commands.

2nd Reading – James 5:1-6

  • James calls on the rich to weep over their impending miseries as their wealth will be destroyed.
  • Included is a list of the evils they have done for their own benefit at the expense of others.

Gospel – Mark 9:38-43,45,47-48

  • Jesus stops the Apostle John from preventing someone who is casting out a demon in the Lord’s name.
  • The Lord then teaches that anything that keeps us from the kingdom of God should be “plucked out” lest it lead us to destruction in Gehenna.

Mass Readings – 26th Sunday of the Year


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25th Sunday of the Year: The disciple’s path is marked with service. Catholic Inspiration

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The Scripture readings reveal how often our lives are disrupted by evil from the inside and the outside of our hearts. How do we proceed? How do we find our way? The Lord teaches that the disciple’s path is marked with service, putting the needs of others ahead of one’s own.

Mass Readings – 25th Sunday of the Year


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Daily Mass: A parable explained. Catholic Inspiration

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The parable of the sower is one of the few that Jesus explains. As we listen today, may we cultivate good soil in our hearts to receive the Lord’s words and tend a fruitful harvest.

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 24th Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: On the journey with Jesus. Catholic Inspiration

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This short passage from the Gospel of Luke names some of the women who accompanied Jesus along with the Twelve Apostles, inspiring us to ask if we are ready to travel with the Lord today.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 24th Week of the Year


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St. Robert Bellarmine…pray for us!

Daily Mass: Faith, forgiveness and love. Catholic Inspiration

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Jesus teaches about faith, forgiveness and love as a weeping woman anoints his feet in the home of a Pharisee.

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 24th Week of the Year


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St. Cornelius & St. Cyprian…pray for us!

Our Lady of Sorrows. Catholic Inspiration

The sorrow of Mary as she stood faithfully before the Cross of Christ helps us to engage our grief. When we acknowledge our sorrows, we call upon the saving strength of Jesus to pass through our pain into healing joy.

Mass Readings – Our Lady of Sorrows


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Our Lady of Sorrows…pray for us!

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