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The “Three Great Things” are part of the mission directive of the Cathedral of Christ the King parish.

We can talk about Jesus Christ when we know him; through study we discover who God is and how we can become fully and authentically human.

We can say that we follow Christ if we spend time with him; the different opportunities to pray allow us to encounter God in  personal and meaningful ways.

We can proclaim that Christ is Lord by living as he taught; as we serve one another we allow the Holy Spirit to work through our unique lives to further the Kingdom of God here and now.

A Catholic priest since 1997, Fr. Andrew Ricci is the rector of the Cathedral of Christ the King in Superior, Wisconsin, and the pastor of 4 other area Catholic parishes: Holy Assumption Church, Superior; St. Anthony Church, Superior; St. William Church, Foxboro;  and St. Anthony Church, Lake Nebagamon.  He earned a BA in Classical Languages from the University of St. Thomas, as well as an MA in Theology and a Master of Divinity from St. John’s University.  A lifelong learner, Fr. Andrew enjoys all things Italian as well as cooking, wine making, reading, travel, astronomy, and music.

These weekly blogs are part of his study, prayer, and service to prepare for the Sunday homily; once the homily has been given the blog is updated to include the homily for that weekend.  In addition, extra talks, retreats, and reflections are occasionally included.

His podcasts can be found at http://www.threegreatthings.libsyn.com or at “Catholic Inspiration” in iTunes.


8 responses to “About

  • Janice Solum

    Is it possible to get email notifications when you post to this website?

  • Shala Glennon

    Dear Father, Thank you for your Good News! I discovered you yesterday on I Heart Radio. I needed something to help me while I painted in our house. I love listening to your podcasts. One day listening and I am a fan! I love filling my head and heart with Jesus so
    that I too may learn, pray, and serve. God bless you as you spread the Good News!

  • Barb Terrill

    Thank you Father for your inspirational Easter message!
    I always remember you talking about your quiet time with Jesus and a great cup of coffee. I am retired now so am taking up that practice every
    morning also. I am going to spread the word about your podcasts to my
    sons and friends. God bless you and miss you!

  • Nelly fandino

    Dear Father,
    Thank you so much for your bible teachings,
    Your insights have changed my life and I am so grateful for that,
    I have been listening you on the podcast in “catholic inspiration” since January 2017 while I was nursering my 2 months old baby girl.
    I’m Colombian and currently live in Bogota.
    May God bless you and keep covering you with grace so you can carry on spreading the good news!!

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