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Study: Recall a powerful Christmas memory.  What made it special?

Pray: Who could use a prayer this Christmas?  Offer it from your heart.

Serve: Does someone in your life need a little Christmas cheer?  Make it happen!

Mass Readings – Christmas (4 Options)

The beauty and power of Christmas flows from a central point: that God sent his Son into our world because we needed a savior.  Jesus takes on our human form and – like us in all things but sin – he redeems our fallen nature.  While his mission will be fulfilled through his death, resurrection and ascension, his birth offers us hope; God comes to us, establishing a bridge over sin and death and providing us with a way that leads to Heaven.

To reach us the Lord sets aside grandeur and majesty, coming into our world in humility and poverty, vulnerable and in need of the care of others.  Mary and Joseph, the angels and shepherds reveal that many played a part in the birth of the Christ child.

We do, too.  As Jesus teaches us, we also have the opportunity to encounter the Lord and one another in simple and approachable ways, setting aside our obstacles and being open to love and service.

How is the Lord leading you this Christmas?  How does the example of Jesus inspire you to reach out in love to others?  Is God speaking to your heart?

The Lord’s birth shows us that with a gentle and humble spirit we can approach one another in grace.  May this holy season foster our faith, strengthen our hope, and enrich our love.

Merry Christmas!


Adoration of the Magi, Fabriano, 1423, Uffizi, Florence, Italy.


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