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Daily Mass: Be the friend that your friends need. Catholic Inspiration

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In the Gospel of Luke a group of men did what was needed to bring a paralytic man to Jesus. Their example of faith, tenacity and hard work inspire us to be the friend that our friends need today!

Mass Readings – Monday of the 2nd Week of Advent


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St. Nicholas…pray for us!

Christ is our King! Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

He is our creator, our savior, our judge and our friend.  In simple and unassuming ways, he will meet us in our struggles through this life with the courage and conviction to continue in the toughest of times.  As our king he deserves our allegiance; yet he lays down his life that we might be saved.  We owe everything to Jesus Christ, our King!


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Photo Credit: The Passion of the Christ, 2004.

Daily Mass: A true friend is a blessing from God. Catholic Inspiration

Rear View of Group of Friends Hugging

Mass Readings – Friday of the 7th Week of the Year

The book of Sirach speaks about the great gift of friendship.  As we build up our friendships on earth, may we also foster our life with Jesus Christ – the best friend of all.


Archive of Fr. Andrew’s Podcasts

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