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Study, Pray, Serve: 25th Sunday of the Year

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Here are some of the main themes for the readings for the 25th Sunday of the Year.

1st Reading – Amos 8:4-7

  • The prophet Amos lists a number of ways that the needy have been harmed.
  • The Lord will not forget the evil that people have done to those in need.

Psalm – 113:1-2,4-8

  • “Praise the Lord who lifts up the poor.”
  • The Lord, who is enthroned on high, raises the lowly.

2nd Reading – 1st Timothy 2:1-8

  • Prayers and supplications are offered for those who are in authority.
  • There is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, Jesus Christ.

Gospel – Luke 16:1-13

  • Jesus offers a parable of a dishonest steward who shows initiative.
  • The Lord offers a principle: those who are trustworthy in small matters will be trustworthy in great ones.

Mass Readings – 25th Sunday of the Year


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Daily Mass: We are servants and stewards for Christ. Catholic Inspiration

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Paul reminds us that we are servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God…called to be trustworthy as we offer our lives in this life for the day we stand before the Lord in the next.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 22nd Week of the Year

Daily Mass: We are servants and stewards. Catholic Inspiration

St. Paul writes to the people of Corinth that we are servants and stewards.  As we care for one another and use the resources we have received, we recognize that one day we will all stand before the Lord for judgment.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 22nd Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: It’s all about trust. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 31st Sunday of the Year (St. Martin of Tours)

Trust is an essential ingredient in our relationships, and Jesus reveals two key concepts that help us become more trustworthy with the Lord and one another.


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