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Daily Mass: Paul’s failure in Athens. Catholic Inspiration

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Making his way to Athens, Paul preaches to the Athenians and has little success. Undaunted, he continues on and does not give up.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 6th Week of Easter


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Daily Mass: Paul’s persecution and deliverance in Philippi. Catholic Inspiration

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Paul and Silas are stripped, beaten, and bound in jail by an angry mob at Philippi. While at prayer in the middle of the night, they are freed when an earthquake shakes the foundations of the prison, and they preach the Gospel to the jailer and his household.

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 6th Week of Easter


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The Conversion of St. Paul. Catholic Inspiration

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The conversion of St. Paul reveals how God’s grace can transform our lives. Once an enemy of the Christian faith, Paul went on to become one of its greatest champions, and his New Testament letters continue to inspire disciples today.

Mass Readings – The Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul


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St. Paul, pray for us!

The Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul. Catholic Inspiration

These two heavy hitters are remembered today, not because they were perfect; rather, they accepted the grace from God that they received and made an offering of their lives to the Lord. May they inspire us today!

Mass Readings – The Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles


Daily Mass: Paul in Rome. Catholic Inspiration

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We conclude the daily Masses of the Easter season with St. Paul now in Rome – where he will spend the last two years of his life, preaching and teaching others about Jesus.

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 7th Week of Easter


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Daily Mass: St. Paul offers a Bible study, Part II. Catholic Inspiration

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St. Paul continues the message we heard yesterday, highlighting keys points about Jesus.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 4th Week of Easter


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Daily Mass: St. Paul offers a Bible study, Part I. Catholic Inspiration

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St. Paul preaches to the people, showing how Jesus is the fulfillment of salvation history.

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 4th Week of Easter


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Study, Pray, Serve: 5th Sunday of Easter

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Study: What do the readings say?

Pray: What do the readings say to me?

Serve: What do the readings do or make me say…today?

Let’s take a look at some of the major themes that appear in the Scripture readings for the 5th Sunday of Easter.

1st Reading – Acts 9:26-31

  • Barnabas brings Saul (St. Paul) before the Apostles, who learn how God has worked through him.
  • The Holy Spirit builds up the early Church.

Psalm 22:26-27,28,30,31-32

  • All people shall bow down before the Lord.
  • Note: this Psalm is extraordinary…verses 1-21 focus on the suffering of the righteous servant of God (Jesus), while verses 22-31 are all about God’s triumph. Give yourself a treat and read it straight through, and think about how it applies to the death and resurrection of Christ.

2nd Reading – 1 John 3:18-24

  • The Lord commands us to love one another, especially through our actions.
  • By following the Lord’s commands, we remain in him through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Gospel – John 15:1-8

  • Christ is the vine, we are the branches; the Father tends and prunes the branches so that we bear fruit.
  • By staying connected to Christ – the vine – we remain in him and he remains in us.
  • If we are apart from Christ, we can do nothing.

Mass Readings – 5th Sunday of Easter


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Note: This post was first published on April 26, 2021.

Daily Mass: A mystical reflection on Holy Communion. Catholic Inspiration

Jesus offers a mystical reflection on his Flesh and Blood, the true food and drink that bring us eternal life.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 3rd Week of Easter


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Daily Mass: Great expectations for our life in Christ. Catholic Inspiration

Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

St. Paul offers inspiring words to describe a disciple who is caught up in the grace of Jesus Christ. May these words apply to us as well!

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 21st Week of the Year (St. Monica)

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