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4th Sunday of Lent: Christ cures the blindness of our hearts. Catholic Inspiration

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The healing encounter between Jesus and the blind man brings about the gift of sight, followed later by the gift of faith. We, too, in the darkness of our ignorance and sin, call upon the Lord to foster spiritual sight within our hearts to help us journey through this life to the next.

Mass Readings – 4th Sunday of Lent


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Note: the Feast of St. Joseph (March 19th) is transferred to tomorrow.

Daily Mass: Lord, let us see! Catholic Inspiration

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The blind man’s reply, “Lord, I want to see!” invites us to consider how we, too, long to see clearly our path through this life. May our eyes be opened as we walk in the light of Jesus Christ.

Mass Readings – Monday of the 33rd Week of the Year


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30th Sunday of the Year: What do we want from the Lord? Catholic Inspiration

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The exchange between Jesus and Bartimaeus reveals the longing within the blind man’s heart: he wants to see! This passage provides insight for us as we ponder the Lord’s question “What do you want me to do for you?” in our lives today.

Mass Readings – 30th Sunday of the Year


Study, Pray, Serve: 30th Sunday of the Year

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Let’s review some of the themes we find in the readings for the 30th Sunday of the Year.

1st Reading – Jeremiah 31:7-9

  • God’s power is revealed as the Lord delivers, gathers, consoles and leads the people.
  • The people respond with joy, praise, exultation and hope.

Psalm – 126:1-6

  • “The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy.”
  • This psalm connects directly with the 1st reading as our human response to God’s goodness.

2nd Reading – Hebrews 5:1-6

  • Christ was chosen by the Father to offer his life for us.
  • Christ, because he understands our human weaknesses, deals with us patiently.

Gospel – Mark 10:46-52

  • The blind man, Bartimaeus, calls out to Jesus and asks for help so he can see.
  • Jesus acknowledges his faith and immediately heals him.
  • Bartimaeus then follows Jesus on the way.

Mass Readings – 30th Sunday of the Year


Daily Mass: Tobit’s suffering. Catholic Inspiration

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Part I – We meet Tobit and his wife, Anna, and learn how prolonged suffering can wear us down with fatigue.

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 9th Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: Faith that fosters our spiritual sight. Catholic Inspiration

How strong is our faith in the Lord?  Do we see Jesus at work in our lives?  Two blind men in the Gospel of Matthew teach us today how to call upon the Lord in our blindness as we trust in Christ’s guidance every day.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 1st Week of Advent


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Daily Mass: The conversion of St. Paul. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – Friday of the 3rd Week of Easter

In the first reading today we hear of the conversion of St. Paul, who begins the passage “breathing murderous threats” against the Church and ends with his preaching in the synagogues that Jesus is the Son of God.  May Paul’s change of heart inspire us to draw ever nearer to the Lord!


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4th Sunday of Lent: What do you see? Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – 4th Sunday of Lent

The readings this weekend help us understand the crucial role that sight plays in our lives.  Whether it’s physical or spiritual…what do you see?  The invitation today: to see God at work in our lives as we look for Christ and live in His love.


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4th Sunday of Lent: Seeing God at work in our world.

Study:  Reflect back on a moment when you suddenly “saw” a situation clearly.  What helped you make sense of it?

Pray:  Do you feel like you are in the dark right now?  Ask God for the light of grace to find your way.

Serve:  Do you know someone who is struggling to act in a situation?  How can you help them stay in God’s light?

Mass Readings – 4th Sunday of Lent

Let’s take a quick look at an overview of the readings this week:

  • 1st Reading – Samuel “sees” David and anoints him with the Spirit
  • Psalm – “The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want.”
  • 2nd Reading – We are children who live in the light of Christ
  • Gospel – Jesus heals a man who was blind from birth

Images of sight, light, and darkness appear throughout these readings, reminding us of the crucial role our sight plays in daily life.  As we rely on our eyes, we recognize light and color as it interacts with our senses and guides much of our action.

God helps Samuel to see – not with human but heavenly eyesight – the qualities that will make David king of Israel; Jesus helps the man born blind to see the face of the living God.  Ephesians reminds us that as children of the light we turn away from darkness and live in goodness, while the Psalmist gives us courage to walk in the darkest of valleys…confident that the Lord is at our side.

For we know that the darkness is a part of life; indeed,  many of us have had the experience of darkness – where fear, doubt, and indecision hold us in a grip of paralysis – and we understand all too well our sense of loneliness and loss.

The Good News: God restores our sight – helping us to see the Lord at work in our world – and inspires us to direct our thoughts, words and actions by the light of faith.  May the Light of Christ open our eyes and guide our steps through this life!


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Daily Mass: Healing the blindness in our lives. Catholic Inspiration


Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 6th Week of the Year

As Jesus heals the blind man in the Gospel today, he shows how healing is often an intimate process that leads back to our relationships at home.  May we set before the Lord whatever is wounded in our lives, trust in his process of healing, and renew the relationships within our families and friendships.

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