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Daily Mass: Jesus extends his authority to the 12 apostles. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 14th Week of the Year

Having offered his personal example, the Lord now extends his authority to the Twelve Apostles so that they can continue his ministry.  He calls them by name…just as he calls each one of us today.


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Daily Mass: The ministry of Jesus. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 14th Week of the Year

The Gospel of Matthew offers a snap shot of the ministry of the Lord and helps us to focus on how our lives can participate in the ongoing mission of Jesus Christ.


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Daily Mass: The birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Catholic Inspiration

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Mass Readings – Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

As we celebrate Mary’s birth, we recall that she herself was part of a vast extended family.  As she brought Jesus into the world, she offers us an example – that we might continue to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to those in our lives.

Daily Mass: Proclaim the Good News. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 14th Week of the Year

Jesus sends out the Twelve Apostles to proclaim that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  Their message is accompanied by powerful works of healing as they trust in the Lord for grace and strength.  May we do the same in our lives today.

14th Sunday of the Year: Sent by God. Catholic Inspiration



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Mass Readings – 14th Sunday of the Year

Three words: Who, What, and How help us understand that just as Jesus sends out the disciples in Luke’s Gospel, the Lord also sends us…to make a difference in the world.

14th Sunday of the Year – Sent by the Lord

Study: Consider an experience where you were sent out to do a task.  What was difficult?  Where did you find strength to carry it out?

Pray:  Is there something you are feeling called to do, but find it challenging?  Ask the Lord for the grace to make it happen!

Serve:  How can you help those who are doing the Lord’s work right now?  How can you support missionaries, service groups, and those who care for the sick?

Mass Readings – 14th Sunday of the Year

The Gospel of Luke recounts how Jesus sent out 72 disciples.  Note these features:

  • There is great need (The harvest is rich, the laborers are few…”)
  • They go out in pairs – to support each other
  • They come with peaceful hearts
  • They travel simply, trusting in the providence of God
  • They cure the sick
  • They proclaim the Kingdom of God

And they are successful!  They return to Jesus, rejoicing that even demons are cast out by the power of the Lord’s name.

What a powerful reminder that we, too, are sent by the Lord.  God calls us, empowers us, and directs our lives to bring faith, hope and love to those who cross our path.  Let’s apply the Gospel reading then accordingly:

  1. There is great need – among the people we know and love
  2. We can work together: family, friends, as a parish or community
  3. The Peace of Jesus Christ guides our words and actions
  4. We focus more on people, less on material things
  5. We seek to promote healing at all times
  6. We proclaim the Good News of Christ

Christ sent out his disciples with great success, and he continues to call forth disciples today to continue his saving work.  May we respond with open hearts as we make a difference among the people God places before us.