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Daily Mass: Paul’s efforts in Athens. Catholic Inspiration

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Athens was a cosmopolitan, sophisticated, intellectual powerhouse in the ancient world. Paul’s failure here reminds us that sometimes our best efforts do not guarantee success.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 6th Week of Easter


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Saints Bede, Gregory VII and Mary Magdalene de’ Pazzi, pray for us!

Daily Mass: The preaching of St. Peter. Catholic Inspiration

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Filled with the Holy Spirit, Peter boldly preaches the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Mass Readings – Monday in the Octave of Easter


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Daily Mass: The Lord offers us an example for service in the world. Catholic Inspiration

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From the very beginning, the Lord’s earthly ministry included prayer, preaching, teaching, healing and driving out demons. May His example inspire us to actively seek ways we can continue this work in our lives today.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 1st Week of the Year

Daily Mass: The earthly ministry of Jesus. Catholic Inspiration

The Lord’s work of healing, driving out demons and preaching offer us an insight into how we can continue his mission in our lives today.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 22nd Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: Speaking boldly and listening attentively. Catholic Inspiration

The disciple Apollos was boldly speaking about Jesus when he encountered other disciples who took him aside and fostered his faith.  Throughout our lives we are called to speak and listen as we grow closer to the Lord.

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 6th Week of Easter


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Daily Mass: The struggle and joy of the Church in the world. Catholic Inspiration

The Acts of the Apostles recounts both the persecution and joy that the early Church experienced, showcasing how St. Philip carried on the mission of Jesus through his actions.  As we face our challenges today, may we allow the grace of the Lord to give us the strength and wisdom we need.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 3rd Week of Easter


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Daily Mass: Preaching, healing and driving out evil. Catholic Inspiration

The active ministry of Jesus is marked by preaching the Gospel, healing the sick and driving out demons.  As we call upon the Lord we can continue this ministry in our lives as with proclaim the Good News, offer comfort to the afflicted and stand up against evil.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 1st Week of the Year


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5th Sunday of the Year: Confronting the reality of human suffering

Study: Reflect upon an experience of suffering.  How did your faith help you face it?

Pray: Are you or someone you know facing pain or loss?  Pray that God gives the grace needed to face it.

Serve: Walking with others on their journey of anguish demands time and attention.  Are you being called now to assist someone in need?

Mass Readings – 5th Sunday of the Year

Let’s take a look at these readings:

  • 1st Reading – Job speaks from his anguish and misery.
  • Psalm – “Praise the Lord, who heals the brokenhearted.”
  • 2nd Reading – Paul states his need to preach the Gospel.
  • Gospel – Jesus heals the sick and preaches to the people.

On the surface of these readings we see the obvious – there are times when we encounter suffering.  Whether it’s body, mind, heart or soul…most people on more than one occasion are brought low by pain, struggle or loss.

What’s more, there is no “spin” in the Bible.  Instead, we repeatedly see in the Scriptures a raw look at the challenges people face without trying to explain away the hardship.  It’s almost as if the Word of God seeks to remind us that the journey of life often stops in places of anguish.

We might be tempted to ask the Lord why.  We might try to find reasons why a good and almighty God allows it.  Such a reaction is normal and typical.

Here’s the problem.  Many of the hardships of life have no easy answers or simple explanations.  Much of life is a mystery, and many things will not be explained until the day we stand before the Lord when all is revealed.

Suffering by itself serves no purpose, yet we often recognize that there are many times we “suffer” for something greater:

  • The athlete who suffers in practice to perform in competition
  • The student who suffers in study to perform academically
  • The employee who suffers with work to complete a challenging project
  • The friend who suffers for a loved one to bring help and comfort
  • The parent who suffers for a child to show compassion and care

You get the point.  We often embrace suffering because we recognize that there is meaning and purpose in much that is difficult, challenging and hard.

But what about when we don’t understand?  One of the most helpful questions I have ever found in the face of suffering is this:

How does my faith help me face this?

For remember, when our lives are focused on the Lord all things – even suffering – fit into a proper perspective.  Christ’s suffering on the Cross breaks the bonds of sin and death; Christ’s resurrection shows us that there is something far beyond the realm of pain and loss.

As Jesus healed and preached Good News we call upon our faith to help us face the difficulties of life with strength.  Perhaps we will not know why suffering happens, but God will give us the grace to learn how we will face it.

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Daily Mass: A bold and vibrant faith. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – Friday of the Octave of Easter

In the face of opposition Peter and John powerfully proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Their lives, transformed by the resurrection, inspires us to live with a bold and vibrant faith.


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Daily Mass: The Lord makes it better. Catholic Inspiration

resurrection - the Passion of the Christ

Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 1st Week of the Year

We see in the Lord’s ministry examples of healing, preaching, and driving out demons…and we look at the ways that we can continue the Lord’s work to bring life and hope to those in need.


Photo credit: The Passion of the Christ

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