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Daily Mass: We are servants of the Lord. Catholic Inspiration

To say “I serve the Lord” has tremendous implications for our understanding and action.  Recognizing Jesus as our Lord, we configure every aspect of our lives to him as our daily actions and interactions are infused with his grace.

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 32nd Week of the Year


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33rd Sunday of the Year: What will you make of your life? Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – 33rd Sunday of the Year

The Gospel reading makes it clear that all of us will be judged according to what we have been given in this life.  Our invitation?  To take stock of the gifts and talents we have and make something special for the glory of God.


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Daily Mass: To drink from the cup of Christ. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – The Feast of St. James, Apostle

Jesus addresses a teachable moment when he explains that glory in Heaven comes from offering one’s life in charity and service.  James and John will drink from the cup of of Christ, reminding us that every time we offer our lives for others we follow the example of Christ.

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Daily Mass: Measuring the gift of our lives. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 9th Week of the Year

What if the gift of our lives was not measured by time or money, but rather by the sacrifice in our hearts?  That’s the lesson the Lord reveals about the poor widow in the Gospel today.

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5th Sunday of Easter: Rocks in the Master’s hand. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – 5th Sunday of Easter

We are called to be a “living stone” in the hands of the Lord.  Purchased by the blood of Christ, our lives are precious – worthy not only of redemption but as an offering through which God can transform and create something dynamic and new.  May we offer our lives today and recognize in our sisters and brothers the beauty of their souls.


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Palm Sunday: an offering to God. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – Palm Sunday

Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross reveals the value God places on human life and inspires us to share our lives as an offering back to God.


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Daily Mass: Ransomed by the Blood of Christ. Catholic Inspiration


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Daily Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 8th Week of Ordinary Time

1st Peter tells us that we have been ransomed…with the precious blood of Christ.  The Lord’s sacrifice reveals God’s value of our souls and shows us how we can share our lives – loving one another as Jesus loves us.  Go make a difference today!

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