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12th Sunday of the Year: God’s grace casts out sin and evil. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – 12th Sunday of the Year

The Scriptures make it clear that the darkness of sin and evil touches the landscape of human life.  Yet our faith proclaims that God’s grace is greater than the darkness, which is cast out by the light of Jesus Christ.


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Daily Mass: Guided by the Holy Spirit. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 6th Week of Easter

The Lord promises us the Holy Spirit, who will guide us in truth.  What challenges are you facing today?  Call upon the Holy Spirit for the guidance you need!


Archive of Fr. Andrew’s Podcasts

Easter Day

Easter Lily

Study:  When have you experienced a profound moment of change and growth?  What brought it about?

Pray:  Open your heart to Jesus Christ.  Let the joy of the resurrection transform your life.

Serve:  Claim your faith!  Let your love for the Lord direct your thoughts, words, and actions – in whatever you face today.

Easter Day Readings        Fr. Andrew’s Homily Podcast (posted April 20, 2014)

In the early hours of that first Easter Day we celebrate an incredible hope as word spread through the city of Jerusalem – Jesus is alive.

His followers had been crushed by the agony of the Cross.  Lost – beyond all sense of pain, sorrow, and grief – from the darkness of their fear and despair they passed on the message: we have seen him, we have touched him, we have eaten with him – the Lord has been raised!

I have always been struck by the transformational effect the resurrection of Jesus had upon his disciples:

  • Fear to Faith
  • Helplessness to Hope
  • Lament to Love
  • Cowardice to Courage

The same disciples who once fled for their lives will now go out into the world to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ.  They will face persecution, suffering, and martyrdom in order to testify to the truth of Easter Day: the Resurrection of Christ.  What’s more, they will do this with an overwhelming sense of conviction and strength.

No one can ignore the power of this effect.  The encounter with the Risen Lord changes everything.  What is there to be afraid of?  Jesus has broken the chains of sin and death – we can face anything in this world with confidence.  Jesus has triumphed, and in the light of Easter Day we now draw on his strength to face our battles with joy.

The death of Jesus on the Cross was for our sins; the resurrection of Jesus was for our lives.  The power of Easter Day directs our attention to the sacred and precious gift of life.  Life is worth fighting for, worth dying for, and worth living for – in this world and the next.  The resurrection reveals God’s love for our lives; we are worth the sacrifice of the Cross and empowered to live with faith, hope, and love.

How will we live this great promise of faith?  How will we allow the power of Easter to transform us?  For remember: the moment we acknowledge the truth of the resurrection our lives fundamentally change.  Directed by the saving work of Christ we now engage the world on new terms: we witness through word and action the love of Jesus each and every day.  With our eyes fixed on heaven we boldly walk this earth as his disciples.  We live our lives with real truth and power.  We live our lives as God’s sons and daughters.

The authentic witness of our faith is THE WAY that people truly discover Jesus.  It was true for the disciples on that first Easter Day, and it is true for disciples today.

Perhaps today is the day that our faith takes on a deeper meaning and purpose in our lives – placing Jesus first in all that we say and do.  May this Easter Day fill our hearts with grace and power to live in the light of Christ.  May we let the Lord into our hearts and allow our lives to be transformed by his love.

Christ is alive!  Alleluia!  Alleluia!

Daily Mass: Advent Hope. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 1st Week of Advent

Isaiah proclaims hope – that from a dead stump there will appear new life and the order of the world will change.  Jesus invites us to look closely at what God is doing, as our hope in the Lord gives strength and meaning to how we live today.

Daily Mass: Battle Training. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 30th Week of the Year

Sometimes life is a battle, where we face struggles and challenges that test our endurance, discipline and will.  We turn to the Lord for the strength we need to face our fight, confident that Christ will guide us.

Daily Mass: Fighting the Battle

St. Michael

Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 12th Week of the Year

Hezekiah calls upon the Lord when the people of Israel were in grave peril.  May we face the battles in our lives with the same conviction, calling upon the Lord for the strength, courage, and wisdom we need to carry on.


And if you are in need of a little extra prayer support, call on St. Michael!

Prayer to St. Michael, the Archangel

12th Sunday of the Year – Take up your Cross. Catholic Inspiration

take up your cross

Fr. Andrew’s Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – 12th Sunday of the Year

The Cross of Christ reveals how God entered into the heart of human suffering – to touch it, bless it, and redeem it – so that we might have the courage and strength to take up the crosses in our lives.  What is your Cross?  Do not be afraid, but call upon the Lord for the grace you need to take up your cross and walk the journey of life…with Jesus Christ by our side.



Study:  Reflect on a time when you have experienced God’s grace first hand.  How did the Lord help you?

Pray:  Is there a situation or circumstance that seems bigger than you can handle?  Call upon the Holy Spirit!

Serve:  Check your heart…is the Spirit prompting you to help someone else right now?  If so, how?

Pentecost Readings for Vigil Mass

Pentecost Readings for Mass during the Day

Question: Where do people get their strength to live their faith?

Answer:  The Holy Spirit!

On this day we celebrate the infusion of grace that came upon the apostles following the Ascension of Christ into Heaven.  The Lord said that he would ask the Father to send the Spirit – that the Church might always be guided and protected – with power and glory.

This is the Spirit that renews hearts that are weak and wounded.  This is the Spirit that brings hope to those who are crushed with despair and fear.  This is the Spirit that triumphs over the darkness of sin and restores our relationships with God and one another.

Let’s be clear: we can’t do it alone.  We’re not suppose to!  We are utterly and completely dependent on God: for our lives; our talents; and our opportunities to serve.  The Spirit comes to us with the grace and strength that we need to fulfill the gift of life, giving glory to the Almighty for all that we have.

What’s more, we are called to communion – leaning on and supporting one another – and with the help of the Holy Spirit we deepen our relationships and reconcile when division and obstacles appear.  Simply put, the Holy Spirit empowers us to live our lives at full power.

Call on the Spirit in your life.  Ask the Holy Spirit for the wisdom, strength, and courage you need for whatever tasks are before you.  This Spirit has been present to the Church since Pentecost, and this Spirit continues to empower and transform our lives today.

Daily Mass: Turning a Sinner into a Saint. Catholic Inspiration

Three Great Things

Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily – Friday of the 3rd Week of Easter

Daily Mass Readings

Some wonderful 2nd graders from Mrs. Hockenbrock’s class visit with Fr. Andrew about the conversion of St. Paul.

Friday of 3rd Easter

21st Sunday of the Year – Facing Difficulties with Wisdom & Courage – Catholic Inspiration

Three Great Things

Fr. Andrew’s 21st Sunday of the Year Homily Podcast

Life is difficult.  In the midst of our struggle to make good choices and carry out challenging tasks, we call upon God for the help we need.  As we encounter Jesus Christ in Holy Communion to be strengthened for the burdens of life, we pray for Wisdom to choose wisely and Courage to carry it out.