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Daily Mass: Have the attitude of Christ. Catholic Inspiration

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The first reading encourages us to cultivate the attitude of Christ as we humbly offer our lives out of love for one another.

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 31st Week of the Year

Daily Mass: What’s your attitude to the ups and downs of life? Catholic Inspiration

The Lord reveals how the people complained about him and John the Baptist.  Their “glass is half empty” thinking demonstrates the tremendous influence we have in shaping and determining our attitude…especially in difficult moments in our lives.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 2nd Week of Advent (St. John of the Cross)


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26th Sunday of the Year: Actions & Attitudes. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – 26th Sunday of the Year

Ezekiel and Jesus point out the power of our actions in the spiritual life, and Paul reminds us that our actions are shaped when we take on the attitude of Jesus Christ.  It’s practical advice that illustrates our ongoing need to focus on the Lord as we put our faith into practice.


Archive of Fr. Andrew’s Podcasts

7th Sunday of the Year: Love your…enemies. Catholic Inspiration

Station - Jesus in Crucified

Mass Readings – 7th Sunday of the Year

Jesus says “Love your enemies, and pray for those who persecute you.”  This command to love one another as God loves us will challenge our attitudes, actions and prayer as we strive to follow the Lord’s example of love.


Archive of Fr. Andrew’s Podcasts

Daily Mass: Focus on Christ, the light of life. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Friday of the 2nd Week of Advent

Have you ever found yourself in a grumpy mood, where it’s easy to complain regardless of the situation?  A good antidote: focus on Jesus Christ, the light of life.

Catholic Schools’ Week Daily Mass: Forgiveness. Catholic Inspiration

Three Great Things

Fr. Andrew’s Catholic Schools’ Week Homily Podcast

Jesus gives us the example of how we forgive one another.  Forgiveness can be part of our lives in two special ways:

  • Cultivating an attitude that looks for the good in others
  • Helping others to forgive, especially when it is hard

Special blessings to all our Catholic Schools this week!

Cathedral School kids

15th Sunday of the Year – Chosen & Empowered by God – Catholic Inspiration

Three Great Things

Fr. Andrew’s 15th Sunday of the Year Homily Podcast

Both Amos and the Apostles are chosen by God and empowered to do amazing things.  The tasks set before them are difficult and challenging – obstacles that will test them.  The Letter to Ephesians reminds us, however, that God chooses us as well!  Here are three points to help us face the struggles of life:

  • Attitude
  • Effort
  • Stay close to Jesus Christ

May the words of the Scriptures and the examples of the saints inspire us to engage the obstacles of life with God’s grace!

Christian in a Changing World – Living each Day – Catholic Inspiration

Three Great Things

“Christian in a Changing World” is a 3 night Parish Mission that was offered February 22-24, 2015 at Cathedral of Christ the King.  The presentations help us understand how we walk our spiritual journey through the ups and downs of life.

3rd Night – Living in a Changing World Podcast (44 minutes)

The third presentation discusses how we navigate change and challenge in the course of our lives.  How do we face trials and struggles?  How do we live – reacting to events, engaging them, or passively drifting along?  Four words are used to guide this presentation:

  • Attitude
  • Habit
  • Team
  • God

When we bring these different aspects together, we find that we live the gift of our lives with joy – not that life will be easy – but that we are attuned to bring our best effort to the Lord, who in turn will touch our lives with the grace we need.

4th Advent – Final Preparations

To do list

Study:  Is there anything in my life that is not ready for the coming of Christ?  Do I have any unfinished or unresolved issues that I can address?

Pray:  Ask the Lord for the help and strength to be truly present in the next few days.  Gatherings can be challenging – what do we need from the Lord to help us live as followers of Jesus?

Serve:  Is there someone who you can help who is not ready?  Is there a way that you can support another who is perhaps struggling to prepare?  What good work or kind word can you offer?

4th Advent Readings

This weekend we make the final turn in our Advent season and prepare for Christmas this coming week.  Here are some thoughts to consider as we make our final preparations.

    1.  What are my priorities this week?
– Is it things? (shopping, gifts, etc.)
– Is it safe travel?
– Is it people? (family and friends)
– Is it prayer? (or even the Lord?)

I mention this first because there are many things we WANT to be our top priorities, but we often find that situations and events can be forced upon us.  We sometimes find ourselves reacting to expectations and lose our focus and perspective.

Perhaps a few moments in our own reflection (alone or with others) will help us remember why we are taking the time and effort to celebrate this coming week.  The danger happens when we do not choose our values, but instead let someone else tell us what we are suppose to make important.

    2.  How will I spend my time this holiday?
– with people
– with the Lord in prayer
– at work (I fall in this category!)

Many of us must respond to events outside our control over the next few days:  work, travel, and sometimes awkward situations with other people (a.k.a. – someone you desperately want to avoid).  Time remains our most precious possession; how are we living the gift God gives to us?

    3.  What will be my attitude?

In then end there are very few things which remain entirely in our control.  The weather can change in a matter of hours, roads and travel conditions can become treacherous, and situations can become tense, frustrating, and unhappy.

When we find ourselves less than jolly, how do we express it?  Do we take our stress out on others, or do we take a deep breath and put our faith into practice (you know:  patience, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, love, trust, etc…..)?  Are we constantly reacting to life, or do we proactively choose how we will proclaim the Good News of Christ in our words and actions?

May this holiday be a time of rich blessings to us all!

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