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Daily Mass: Explaining the Weeds and the Wheat. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 17th Week of the Year (St. Alphonsus Liguori)

The Lord’s explanation of the parable of the weeds and the wheat reminds us that in the face of the Final Judgment we have the opportunity today to seek the mercy of Jesus Christ.


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16th Sunday of the Year: Pulling Weeds. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – 16th Sunday of the Year

Every gardener encounters weeds, and the Lord uses this image in the Gospel of Matthew to remind us that in the garden of our hearts we have a daily opportunity to pull out what does not belong.


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Note: I couldn’t stop with just one picture!  These are taken from my dad’s garden in Cumberland, WI.

Daily Mass: Weeds and Wheat. Catholic Inspiration

wheat and tares

Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 16th Week of the Year

The parable of the weeds and the wheat speaks to both the reality of sin and final judgment.  We know that sin is part of our lives, and we have the opportunity to seek the Lord’s forgiveness now…because one day we will all stand before the judgment seat of God.