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Daily Mass: The Spirit of the Lord. Catholic Inspiration

The prophet Isaiah testifies to the one who will come, filled with the Spirit of the Lord. As we hear the words of this first reading, may we call upon God’s Spirit to dwell in us as we follow the Lord today.

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 1st Week of Advent


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3rd Sunday of the Year: The Spirit of the Lord. Catholic Inspiration

The Spirit of the Lord – fulfilled by Jesus in Gospel of Luke – empowers us to acknowledge God’s grace in our lives.  Like pieces of a magnificent stained glass window, we are called to shine with the unique gifts and blessings the Lord has given us.

Mass Readings – 3rd Sunday of the Year


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3rd Sunday of the Year: The Spirit of the Lord

Study: What is your favorite way to read Scripture – a devotional, chapter-a-day, daily Mass readings, or just a bookmark in the Bible?

Pray: Consider using a little bit of Scripture as part  of your daily prayer – think of it as a “spiritual multivitamin” for your health!

Serve: How is God’s Spirit directing your life – is there a task or opportunity that you feel prompted to act?

Mass Readings – 3rd Sunday of the Year

The readings this week are filled with power as we hear how God’s Word and Spirit touch our hearts.

  • 1st Reading – The Israelites hear the Word of God with joy
  • Psalm – God’s Word is Spirit and Life
  • 2nd Reading – The Lord’s Spirit works through us in many different ways
  • Gospel – The Spirit of the Lord is fulfilled in Jesus Christ

I suggest two thoughts for your consideration this week.  First, God’s Word continues to proclaim Good News in our world today, and we are invited to embrace the Lord’s message – allowing the mercy, love, joy, and peace of the Gospel to soak into our hearts.

My point here is about actively seeking the Lord in our daily life, making God’s Word a part of our regular spiritual diet.  By dwelling on the Good News we foster our Christian perspective to engage the challenges of daily life with courage and wisdom.  We know that there are plenty of difficulties and obstacles; we feast upon God’s Word for the strength to engage life at full power.

Second, with God’s Word in our hearts we live our faith as part of a larger community – sharing our particular gifts and talents for the good of all.  No one person possesses all gifts; rather, we cooperate (like Paul’s example of the parts of a body) and contribute our skills so that all might be blessed.

That means we:

  • Claim our gifts
  • Use our gifts
  • Recognize the gifts of others
  • All for the glory of God!

So, three final questions for your reflection:

  1. How are you allowing God’s Word to touch your heart?
  2. How is the Spirit of the Lord calling you this week?
  3. How might you be prompted to share your life with others?

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,
because he has anointed me
to bring glad tidings to the poor.
He has sent me to proclaim liberty to captives
and recovery of sight to the blind,
to let the oppressed go free,
and to proclaim a year acceptable to the Lord.  
(Luke 4:18-19)


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Note: This post was first published on January 18, 2016.

Daily Mass: The Spirit of the Lord is upon me. Catholic Inspiration

As Jesus proclaims the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah in his hometown of Nazareth, we are reminded that through Christ we have the same Spirit in our hearts.  Our task: to live it!

Mass Readings – Thursday after Epiphany


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3rd Sunday of Advent: God’s power is our Good News. Catholic Inspiration

The readings are filled with examples of God’s power, offering us hope, life and joy as we embrace the Lord’s grace in our lives.  Where do we see Good News in our lives?  How can we bring Good News to others?  May these final days of Advent inspire us to live our faith!

Mass Readings – 3rd Sunday of Advent


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3rd Sunday of Advent: Hope and Power

Study: Consider a moment when you heard really good news.  How did it feel?  How did it change the way you thought or acted?

Pray: Ask the Lord for guidance how your life can be a blessing to others.

Serve: Do you know someone who is having a bad day?  How can your life bring light to their lives?

Mass Readings – 3rd Sunday of Advent

The readings of this 3rd Sunday of Advent are filled with hope and power:

  • 1st Reading – Isaiah proclaims, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me.”
  • Psalm – “My soul rejoices in my God.”
  • 2nd Reading – St. Paul says, “Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing.”
  • Gospel – John the Baptist comes to testify to the Light.

The themes here all point to God’s power and glory.  As Christians we have confidence that the Lord walks with us, sustains us, and empowers us to face the challenges and obstacles of life.

Isaiah recognizes that there are troubles in this life – the poor, the brokenhearted, those captive and in prison.  We, too, understand very well that there are problems that must be faced and situations that will push us to our limits.  Yet we are not alone; God’s Spirit fills us with new life!

This is cause to rejoice!  Our Good News in Jesus recalls that Christ is victorious over sin and death.  The Lord comes into our world to breathe new life into our limbs when we are weary.  We have a strength that does not fail, and we call upon God with joy.

And like John the Baptist, we can testify to the light of Jesus Christ in the world.  People are hungry for this light, and people continue to give their lives that God’s light will shine…to cast out darkness and evil.

So call upon the Holy Spirit!  Rejoice in the Lord!  Pray always!  And testify to the grace and peace that comes when Christ Jesus shines in our hearts!

This, my friends, is the Good News of the Gospel.


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3rd Sunday of the Year – The Spirit of the Lord in our Lives – Catholic Inspiration

Three Great Things

Fr. Andrew’s 3rd Sunday of the Year Homily Podcast

We call upon the Spirit of the Lord to strengthen us, so that we in turn can share God’s Spirit with one another.  Working together, like St. Paul’s example of a body, the Lord empowers us in community to bring the Good News to the world.

Spirit of the Lord