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Daily Mass: Taming our tongue. Catholic Inspiration

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We’ve all done it. We’ve all said things that we regret and wish we could unsay…because of the damage and pain they have called. The Letter of James reminds us all to tame our tongue!

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 6th Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: Be doers of the word. Catholic Inspiration

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The Letter of James offers sound advice regarding speech, anger and how we put our faith into practice. Our task? Get out there and live it.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 6th Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: Practical advice from the Letter of James. Catholic Inspiration

The Letter of James offers some rich insight into speech, anger and action. May we take a moment to reflect on these areas of our lives as we discern how our faith can guide us.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 6th Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: Simple speech that shows our actions. Catholic Inspiration

Jesus teaches the disciples to speak simply and plainly.  In a world full of words it is a good reminder!  May our words reflect our actions with clear transparency, helping us deepen the relationships in our lives with trust and integrity.

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 10th Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: The power of speech. Catholic Inspiration

Jesus heals a deaf man with a speech impediment and simultaneously empowers him with the gift of hearing and speaking.  Words have power to build up or tear down; our invitation today is to use the gift of speech for the glory and praise of God.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 5th Week of the Year


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26th Sunday of the Year – Words & Actions

Trust Quote

Study:  When in your life have actions “shouted down” the words we hear?

Pray:  Ask the Lord for the strength to be consistent in what we say and do.

Serve:  How do my words encourage others?  How do my actions show my care and support?

26th Sunday of the Year Readings

Fr. Andrew’s Homily

It seems like there are certain phrases that get said throughout our lives.  These words are commands, invitations, and requests to make things happen – and they come in many forms:

“Take out the trash”
“Clean your room”
“Do the dishes”
“Come to my…” (athletic game, concert, etc.)
“Would you volunteer at…” (pick one!)
“Help me with…”

Let’s face it.  We are asked to do many things throughout this life.  From chores and tasks to acts of kindness and civil responsibility, many of these actions are simply part of our existence on this earth.

Yet once we hear these words we are asked to respond.  This happens in two crucial ways:

* What we say  (our WORDS)
* What we do     (our ACTIONS)

When we are confronted with a request or invitation how we respond says a lot about who we are.  If our words and actions are in agreement everything is fine – “yes” means yes and “no” means no.  But if we say one thing and do another, then the weight of our choice is measured in our actions.

This is the message of the Gospel today.  Jesus speaks of two sons who receive a request from their father.  One says yes but does not act, the other says no but changes his mind and acts.  In the end, the one who acted did his father’s will.

We journey through life confronted by countless choices everyday.  Some things we know should be done, others should not.  Some things are options that could be done; we have to weigh the priorities of our time, energy, ability, and need.  Yet what we discover is that we are defined not by what we say, but by what we do.

As people of faith we have other commands to follow:  Love God; Love one another; Repent and forgive; Work for justice; Seek peace.  Indeed our faith is reflected not in our words but our actions; even the Golden Rule “Do to others as you would have them do to you…” (Mt 7:12) is nothing more than a reminder that actions speak louder than words.

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