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A Catholic Retreat through Study, Prayer, & Service

Three Great Things

Are you looking for a quick and practical audio retreat?  Perhaps this is for you…

The following three talks were given at a Catholic Men’s Retreat sponsored by the Knights of Columbus in Hayward, WI on September 13, 2014.

In these talks you will find a practical exploration of some ways that we can grow closer to the Lord through Study, Prayer, and Service; it should be no surprise to my readers!  These “Three Great Things” are the very foundation of this site, and it seemed only fitting to spell out a few opportunities that we have to deepen our relationship with Christ.

All three talks are freestanding: you can listen to them alone or together as a set.  It should become readily apparent, however, that these three are interrelated – prayer and service; service and study; study and prayer – they build, support, and give meaning and purpose to one another.  Yet by engaging each one separately, it is my hope that we can tease out some everyday opportunities that foster our faith and offer ready made applications for life.

When you click on the underlined/bold text, you will be redirected to a site where you can hear the talks.  

1st Talk – Study: Some intellectual ways we can learn and develop

2nd Talk – Prayer: Practical points that speak to different styles that help us cultivate our relationship with the Lord

3rd Talk – Service: A simple method and application to personal approaches that make a difference in the world

My prayer for 2015: that we all draw near to Jesus Christ (in any number of unique and practical ways) through our Study, Prayer, & Service!

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