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Mary, Mother of God. Catholic Inspiration

She is the Mother of God and the Mother of the Church.  May the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary strengthen our desire to offer our hearts in loving service to her Son, our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mass Readings – Mary, the Mother of God


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The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Catholic Inspiration

Mary’s response to the angel Gabriel reveals her role in God’s plan for our salvation.  Chosen by the Lord, she offers us an example of faithfulness that inspires us every day to say yes to God’s call for our lives.

Mass Readings – Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the BVM


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Mary, the Mother of God. Catholic Inspiration

Since from the beginning of time the plan of salvation included the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross, we thus understand that Mary’s role as the Mother of God was present as well.  Chosen by God, her acceptance of the angel Gabriel’s announcement reveals her as the first disciple; her role as Mother of the Messiah reveals her as a Mother to all disciples.  May her example inspire us to draw near to her Son!

Mass Readings – Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God


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The Octave of Christmas: Mary, the Mother of God. Catholic Inspiration

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Mass Readings – The Octave of Christmas: Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God

Our knowledge of Mary flows from our knowledge of her Son, and her example teaches us how to be living witnesses in the face of adversity as we continue to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to the world.

Happy New Year!

The Octave of Christmas: Mary, the Mother of God

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Study: Consider a time when you had to trust another person.  What helped or hindered you to trust?

Pray: Is there a major decision in your life?  As the Lord for guidance and direction.

Serve: Do you know someone who is searching for God?  How can you help point them to Jesus?

Mass Readings – Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God

This great feast of Mary flows from the heart of the Christmas story.  Jesus, like us in all things except sin, had a mother who reflected on the great events that had happened in her life.  She witnessed how God was at work, and she took time to ponder…even as she held baby Jesus in her arms.

Mary’s trust in the Lord inspires us to turn to God in our need and live the gift of our faith.  Like Mary, we can reflect upon the Lord’s goodness in our own lives and express with gratitude what God has done for us.

What’s more, as Mary brought forth Jesus into the world we, too, can continue Christ’s saving work as we proclaim the Good News today.  Our words and actions can point others to Jesus Christ, directing those in our lives to trust in the Lord’s mercy and love.

May Mary’s example strengthen our faith and empower us to live it with joy.  As we reflect on what God has done in our lives, may we express with gratitude the graces we have received as we put them into practice.

Holy Day: Mary, the Mother of God. Catholic Inspiration

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Fr. Andrew’s Holy Day Homily Podcast

Mary’s title “Mother of God” began when she said “yes” to the Angel Gabriel.  Chosen by the Father, she bore her Son who would be the bridge between Heaven and Earth…to save and set us free.  Thus, Mary was the instrument by which the Son of God came into the world.

Which is another way of saying that God works through people.  God chooses the unlikely to do amazing things…with the Lord’s help.

Mary offers us an example about how we can cooperate with God’s grace.  When we say “yes” to the Lord new possibilities arise.  As we embark on this New Year may we be open to the Lord’s call in our lives and allow Christ to work through us to proclaim Good News in the world.

A blessed 2016 to you all!

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