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5th Sunday of Lent: The raising of Lazarus. Catholic Inspiration

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The account of the raising of Lazarus provides us with an insight into the Lord’s love for him and his sisters, Martha and Mary. Yet as we enter into the eleventh chapter of John’s Gospel, we discover that this passage applies directly to our lives as well.

Mass Readings – 5th Sunday of Lent


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Daily Mass: When anxious or worried, we focus on Christ. Catholic Inspiration

We all know the story of Mary and Martha, but sometimes we forget that the Lord gently chides Martha because she is “anxious and worried about many things.”  When we fall into useless worry, our best prescription is to focus on Christ for the strength and wisdom we need.

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 27th Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: Listening at the feet of Jesus. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast 

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 27th Week of the Year (St. Francis of Assisi)

Mary sits at the feet of Jesus and listens to his teaching…offering us a powerful example about how we cultivate moments of stillness and quiet in our lives to hear what the Lord has to say.

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