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Study, Pray, Serve: 4th Sunday of Lent

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Here are some of the themes in the Mass readings for the 4th Sunday of Lent.

1st Reading – 1st Samuel 16:1b,6-7,10-13a

  • The Lord sends Samuel to Jesse in Bethlehem to anoint one of his sons as the new king.
  • The Lord then tells Samuel that, “Not as man sees does God see, because man sees the appearance but the Lord looks into the heart.”
  • Samuel will eventually anoint the youngest of Jesse’s sons, David.

Psalm – 23:1-6

  • “The Lord is my shepherd; there is nothing I shall want.”
  • The Lord guides through the dark valley and protects us, anointing us with oil and blessing us.

2nd Reading – Ephesians 5:8-14

  • Once we were in darkness, but now we live as children in the light of the Lord.
  • We expose whatever is shameful to the light of Christ.

Gospel – John 9:1-41

  • Jesus encounters a blind man and heals him on the sabbath.
  • Christ proclaims that he is the light of the world, healing both body and soul.
  • Cured of his blindness, the man comes to believe in Jesus.

Mass Readings – 4th Sunday of Lent


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Daily Mass: Jesus Christ is God’s Word and Light! Catholic Inspiration

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The Prologue of the Gospel of John speaks of Christ as God’s Word and Light. May we dwell upon the Word of God in the coming year as we are guided by the Lord’s Light. Happy New Year!

Mass Readings – The Seventh Day in the Octave of Christmas

Daily Mass: Christ is our light. Catholic Inspiration

The Lord teaches that he is the light – sent from the Father – who comes to save the world.  May Christ’s words and saving actions inspire us this day to draw near to his glorious light!

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 4th Week of Easter


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Daily Mass: You are Salt and Light! Catholic Inspiration

The Lord offers a bold job description for disciples: You are the Salt of the earth and the Light of the world!  As we draw near to Jesus we also become conduits of his grace, touching the hearts and lives of those around us.  May we shine with the Good News of the Gospel!

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 10th Week of the Year


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Daily Mass: Light and Darkness. Catholic Inspiration

While today’s passage from the Gospel of John remains one of the most well known and beloved of all Scripture, the verses that follow indicate the choice that we all have to make.  Do we seek Christ, the Light of the world, or do we prefer darkness…because our deeds are evil?  May we face our temptations and resolutely follow the Lord, whose light shines in our world and helps us find our way.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 2nd Week of Easter (St. Stanislaus)


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5th Sunday of the Year: You are the light of the world. Catholic Inspiration


Mass Readings – 5th Sunday of the Year

Jesus proclaims to his disciples that they are the light of the world, an uplifting testament to the opportunity we have to make a difference in our world as we offer the gift of our lives to God.


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5th Sunday of the Year: Salt & Light


Study:  Reflect on a time when you were able to help someone in a profound moment of need.  What gave you the “push” to help?

Pray:  Is there a situation in your life that requires action but you find yourself in need of guidance?  Bring this concern to the Lord in your prayer.

Serve:  How can you be Salt or Light to someone today?  How can your life enhance the quality and dignity of another?

Mass Readings – 5th Sunday of the Year

We see some beautiful themes surface in the readings this week:

  • 1st Reading – Through service to others God’s light will shine upon us
  • Psalm – “The just man is a light in darkness to the upright.”
  • 2nd Reading – We place our faith in the power of God
  • Gospel – “Salt of the earth” and “Light of the World”

Throughout these readings the Lord’s power is manifested every time we cooperate with God’s grace through works of charity and service.  Things like:

  • Share your bread with the hungry
  • Shelter the oppressed and homeless
  • Clothe the naked
  • Do not turn your back on your own
  • Remove oppression, false accusation, malicious speech
  • Satisfy the afflicted
  • Be gracious and lend
  • Conduct one’s affairs with justice
  • Give to the poor

When we do these things we discover that God provides the strength, wisdom, direction and guidance to carry them out.  The Lord takes our effort, reinforces it with grace, and blesses our work in ways we never imagined.  Like a brilliant light shining in the darkness, the glory of Jesus Christ pierces the pain and struggles of this life and offers us hope to continue on our way.

And when we let the Lord work through us we become Salt & Light.  Our lives, invigorated by God’s love, become conduits for Divine Charity to touch hearts and lives in our world today.  It is the Lord’s power at work in our lives, and we are blessed every time we say “Yes!” to the call of Christ to serve those in our midst.



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