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Daily Mass: United in the love of Jesus Christ. Catholic Inspiraiton

Jesus speaks of our need to unite our hearts in love, and he offers the example of the Heavenly Father to inspire us.  May God’s love empower each of us to look for ways that we can unite when we are confronted with division.

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 7th Week of Easter


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Daily Mass: Run to the Father! Catholic Inspiration

The Prodigal Son is a favorite parable for many, and it has layers of meaning and insight that serve us well.  Whether it’s forgiveness or mercy we require, may we run to our Heavenly Father, trusting that the Lord will never give up on us.

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 2nd Week of Lent


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Daily Mass: Remain in Christ’s Love

Three Great Things

Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast – Thursday of the 5th Week of Easter

Daily Mass Readings

The words of Christ reveal links in a chain: Love of the Father…Love of Christ….our Love for one another.  As yesterday’s illustration of vine/branches pointed out, our love is rooted in Christ and flows into the hearts of those around us.

remain in my love

The Baptism of the Lord


Study:  Find out about your baptism.  When was it?  Who performed it?  Who are your Godparents?  Who else was present?

Pray:  Thank the Lord for the gift of faith to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ.

Serve:  How can you live your baptismal call today?  How can your faith inspire or assist another?

The Baptism of the Lord Readings

Fr. Andrew’s Homily Podcast

A few days ago I was having lunch when I ran into Fr. Bob Koszarek, a retired priest from our diocese.  When I asked him what brought him out for lunch he said, “I am celebrating the anniversary of my baptism.”  The comment struck me, especially when he followed it up with, “Do you know the day of your baptism?”

The answer is no.  Yet as I type this post I have made a commitment to find out.  We claim (rightly so) that baptism is a crucial sacrament in the Church – the gateway to all other sacraments whereby we are configured to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Most people know if they have been baptized; my sense is that very few know the actual date.

Our faith is a precious gift – worth fighting for, worth dying for.  Perhaps today we pause to recall just how precious it truly is…Jesus Christ poured out his blood on the Cross for us that we might have eternal life.  His baptism was the revelation of the Trinity, where we hear the Father’s voice from heaven as the Spirit descends upon the Son in the form of a dove.  Our baptism allows us to participate fully in God’s presence for the grace and guidance we need.

I invite us today to claim our baptism.  Some simple steps:

  • Thank the Lord for the gift of faith to know Jesus and live as a Christian disciple
  • Embrace your faith through study and prayer
  • Serve others in the name of Jesus Christ (and with his help and strength)
  • Allow your life to bring Good News to the World

Our baptism is not a one time event.  Rather, it is an ongoing expression of Christ working through us.  May the Baptism of the Lord inspire us to live our faith with joy as we engage our lives with his power.


Bautismo de Cristo, Juan Fernandez Nararrete; circa 1567, The Prado, Madrid, Spain.

The Trinity – Communion with God and One Another – Catholic Inspiration

Three Great Things

Fr. Andrew’s Holy Trinity Homily Podcast

This homily was given on May 30, 2015 at St. William Church in Foxboro, WI.

The mystery of the Holy Trinity – there is one God, revealed in three Persons – communicates that God comes to us in communion.  Indivisibly united, the Trinity teaches us that communion – being united together – is a key element to the practical experience of our lives.

Communion is crucial for all of us: family, friendship, co-workers, neighbors, classmates – even strangers – are all part of the fabric of our lives.  Indeed, we can evaluate ourselves in a very real way by taking measure of our communion with one another.

Where our communion is vibrant, we grow; where it is wounded, we heal; and where it is broken, we come to the altar to receive Jesus Christ in Holy Communion to renew the communion of our hearts.  May this communion within the Trinity transform and unite us with almighty God and one another.

The Holy Trinity – The Mystery of Three in One

017rublev troitsa

Study:  Reflect on the strongest relationships in our lives.  What qualities and characteristics are present?

Pray:  Ask the Lord for the guidance to see where we can build and renew our relationships.

Serve:  Are there people around us that we need to forgive or assist?  What steps can we take right now to start this process?

Holy Trinity Readings

Fr. Andrew’s Homily Podcast

One God…Three Persons.

That’s the Trinity, and when you get right down to it, this central mystery of the Christian faith is just that – mystery.  I have heard and used many images as illustrations to aid in understanding the Trinity:

  • Shamrock – one leaf, three petals
  • Water – one substance, three states (solid, liquid, gas)
  • Numbers – one meaning, many languages (five, cinque, etc…)

These examples (and many like them) try to get at the notion of how something can be the same and different at the same time.  How unity and diversity can be present at the same time; how the individual and the communal are manifested simultaneously.

It’s a mystery.

And at the heart of the mystery we have a communion of Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit – a revelation that God comes to us in communion and invites us to be communion with others.   We are not alone!  God (in communion) invites us into this communion to create communion with one another.

Where do we find communion in our lives?  Some obvious places:

  • Home & Family
  • Work
  • School
  • Neighborhood

You get the idea.  Wherever two or more are present, the opportunity for communion is possible.  The point: How strong is the communion we have have with God and one another?  How united are we in faith, hope, and love?

May we reflect on the current state of our relationships today and renew them, allowing the grace of God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – to bless the communion we have with those around us.


Trinity, Andrei Rublev; 1411-1427 (est.), Tempera, 142 cm x 114 cm, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.

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