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Daily Mass: How is the Lord leading us today? Catholic Inspiration

On the Sea of Galilee during a pilgrimage in December 2019.

As the Risen Lord appears for a third time to the disciples on the Sea of Galilee, we see how God continues to direct our lives and tug at our hearts. May we follow Christ with joy!

Mass Readings – Friday in the Octave of Easter


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Daily Mass: Guide me, Lord! Catholic Inspiration

The Psalm response invites us to accept God’s guidance as we carry out the Lord’s commands.  It’s not enough to know our faith; the real test is when we put it into practice each and every day.

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 25th Week of the Year


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The Epiphany of the Lord. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – The Epiphany of the Lord

The Magi were guided through the illumination of knowledge and faith to the Christ Child.  We, too, can be guided through the challenges of life when we we use our minds to the best of our ability and get down on our knees to pray for wisdom.

The Epiphany of the Lord


Study:  Recall a moment when you were guided to make a good decision.  Who helped you?

Pray: Is there a tough decision in your life?  Pray for God’s light to shine upon you.

Serve:  How can you help another find the Lord’s light for their lives?

Mass Readings – The Epiphany of the Lord

There are several wonderful points for reflection in this well known gospel reading:

  • The Magi who come from the East
  • A star that guides them
  • The perplexity of King Herod and all Jerusalem
  • The fulfillment of the prophecy of Micah (“And you Bethlehem…”)
  • The plot of King Herod
  • The gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh
  • The warning of the Magi in a dream not to return to Herod

The word epiphany means “to shine upon” and it is the illumination of this story – by starlight, prophecy, gifts, and foreign wisdom – that help us see how God works in our world.

The birth of Christ brings light by which people begin to see the Lord.  We are no longer in darkness!  What’s more, this light is available to all peoples…for the prophecy of Micah in the Jewish tradition and the study of the stars guide the Magi to Jesus.

This light continues to shine in our world today.  God’s grace casts out darkness and brings light to guide us as we seek to follow the Lord through the cares and worries of daily life.  May we seek out the Lord’s light for our lives, and help others to be directed in faith to find Jesus Christ.

Daily Mass: Hold fast to Christ. Catholic Inspiration

head of Christ - Richard Hook

Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 21st Week of the Year

Life is filled with distractions and can throw us curve balls in a moment’s notice.  Our solution?  Hold fast to Jesus Christ!

3rd Sunday of Advent – What Should We Do? Catholic Inspiration

Three Great Things

Fr. Andrew’s 3rd Sunday of Advent Homily Podcast

“What should we do?” is an excellent question to keep before us in our daily prayer.  We often know what needs to be done; sometimes it’s just hard to carry out.  But there are also times when we come before the Lord searching for the direction, wisdom, and strength to live our faith with conviction and power.

3rd Sunday of Advent

Goodman 11-06-11 SVP A Christmas Carol

Study: Who are the messengers in my life?  Who are the people who have alerted me to blessings and burdens in my life?

Pray: Ask the Lord for the openness to hear these messengers and take their words to heart.

Serve: Who in my life and I called to offer a message?  What do I need to say…and what do they need to hear?

3rd Sunday of Advent Readings

A Christmas Carol
Part III: The Spirits of Christmas

The Spirits of Christmas play a crucial role in Scrooge’s conversion.  Their task is to show images of Christmas throughout time, revealing how the holiday is filled with blessings.  In the images they reveal Scrooge learns the error of his ways, as feelings of guilt, remorse, anger, and sadness wash over him as he watches the effects of his life choices.

It is important to note that the three Spirits of Christmas are messengers.  They are the heralds who reveal to Scrooge the meaning of Christmas.  Yet they are not the holiday itself.  Their presence in the story points to the power of our choices – where our words and actions over time make tremendous effects upon our life.  As Scrooge discovers how his life might have been, he begins to yearn for a better and happier one.

In the Gospel this week we discover another messenger.  John the Baptist arrives, baptizing people and proclaiming God’s wonderful deeds.  People flock around him, inspired by his words and longing for hope.

As the crowds come to John they ask him, “What should we do?” as they pursue their lives.  To each John answers with justice and fairness.  He speaks with power and might, filling the people with expectation.

Many begin to wonder if he is the Christ.  John answers immediately: NO!  There is one coming who is mightier.  John is merely the messenger, pointing the way to Jesus.

Like the crowds, we may often find ourselves looking for those who bring hope.  We may discover in life an unhappiness, a dissatisfaction with ourselves and the choices we have made.  We look to many remedies, yet we know in our hearts that our longing will only be satisfied by God alone.

Perhaps their are people in our lives that have a message for us to hear; may we be open to their words and take them to heart – trusting that their insights can help us on the journey of life.

Perhaps their are people in our lives that we are called to offer a message; may we have the courage to speak up – offering and directing others to insights that can help them embrace the power and beauty of life.

During these last few days of Advent, may we recognize in our lives the messengers sent by God to announce the Good News of Christ.  As we prepare our hearts for the Lord’s coming, we have the opportunity to look within and discern the path we have taken through life.  We can ask “What should we do?” as the challenges of life appear.  May we trust that the Lord will make His will known to us, inviting us to follow with full and open hearts.

31st Sunday of the Year – How do we respond?


Study:  Look back on some recent responses to others.  Have these responses been guided by Jesus Christ?

Pray:  Are there any major decisions or challenges in my life?  Take these to prayer and ask the Lord for direction.

Serve:  How can I help someone to make the right decision?  How can I help them make a holy response to their circumstances?

31st Sunday Readings

A man had two twin sons.  One son was an optimist, the other was a pessimist.  On their birthday their father brought them to the barn.  Two stalls were marked, one with each boy’s name, and in the middle of each stall was a small pile of manure.

The pessimist immediately began to complain of the smell, wondering why he had to clean up the mess of an animal.  The optimist immediately began to search through the barn.  When his grinning father asked him what he was looking for, the boy replied, “I want to see my new horse!”

Life often offers us situations that contain both good and bad elements.  At such times we have the opportunity to make choices that illustrate our priorities and values.  In others words, our responses reveal what is going on in our hearts.

The Gospel today offers two powerful responses.  Jesus and Zacchaeus both respond to the situations in which they are placed, and their actions reveal their sincerity and conviction.

Jesus encounters Zacchaeus on his journey through Jericho.  We are informed that Zacchaeus is a chief tax collector – despised by the local population as a greedy man who supports the Roman Empire.  He is a “sinner” to the people, and their grumbling shows that they believed he had no business with Jesus.

Yet the Lord makes no distinction in his greeting to Zacchaeus.  He calmly speaks to the man, informing him that he will dine at his house that day.  The response of Jesus is simple:  he reaches out to a person in need of conversion and healing, regardless of past history.

Zacchaeus also displays an amazing response.  The fact that he climbed a tree to see the Lord indicates that he wanted to make a change in his own life.  When Jesus offers him an invitation, Zacchaeus immediately accepts; furthermore, he boldly states a change of heart in his financial practice!

These two responses serve as an invitation for us as well.  Like Jesus, we may examine those situations where we are called to reach out to others.  Like Zacchaeus, we may study those moments when we wish to accept the mercy and help of another.  In both cases, our responses will reveal what is going on in our hearts.  May the Lord help us to choose wisely, as we respond to the world around us.

26th Sunday of the Year – Road Signs

Road Signs

Study:  In your personal life, what have been some of the best “signs” that have pointed you in the right direction?  Is it a person, an experience, or perhaps an activity?

Pray:  Ask the Lord for the spiritual sight to recognize God’s signs within our daily lives.

Serve:  How might you be a source of direction and guidance for another?  How might your life point the way for another to follow?

26th Sunday Readings

I often am traveling in unfamiliar places.  Unsure of my directions, I am extra careful when it comes to reading the road signs; all it takes is one wrong turn to cause a delay or even greater confusion.

Road signs are important for travel.  They guide us, remind us of our distance and time, reassure us about our direction, and help us reach our destination safely.  These signs make certain that the trip will result in our timely and secure arrival.

We use signs in other parts of our lives as well.  We look for cues from one another in our relationships to show us if we are on good terms with others.  We have progress reports to help us assess how our work is going.  And we often ask for evaluations after programs to determine if the presentation was helpful.  All of these examples show us that signs aid us in living our lives in a healthy and happy fashion.

In the Gospel we hear the familiar story of the rich man and Lazarus.  It is a classic tale about the reversal of fortunes between this world and the next.  Yet the twist in this parable happens when the rich man, from the midst of his suffering, wants to go back and warn his brothers about their impending fate.  Abraham reminds him, “If they will not listen to Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded if someone should rise from the dead.”

This sobering statement reminds us that our choices result in consequences that hold us accountable.  Our words and actions make a difference, for good or evil, and the great power of our choices affects ourselves and others in many ways.

Yet Abraham’s reply can also fill us with hope.  We possess the Scriptures; we know the commandments God offers us.  With these signs we can journey through life aware of our opportunities and responsibilities.  God has given us everything we need to face our joys and sorrows in this world, and with these “road signs” we trust that we will be united with God completely in the eternal world to come.

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