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School Mass: Peace I leave with you. Catholic Inspiration

One of the best ways to face a test in school is to start with a prayer, asking the Lord for peace in our hearts.  One of the best ways to face a test in life?  Do the same!


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School Mass: The beginning of a new year! Catholic Inspiration

What’s your treasure?  What’s so important to you that you will make sacrifices, work hard and dedicate your life to make it happen?  A new school year offers the chance for students of all ages to grow in mind and heart!


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Daily Mass: Loving & Helping Others. Catholic Inspiration

2nd grade kids

Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Daily Mass Readings – Friday of the 8th Week of the Year

Some enthusiastic 2nd graders from Cathedral School help Fr. Andrew with the reading from 1st Peter in the Scriptures today!

Three Great Things

School Mass: Doing the Hard Stuff

Three Great Things

Fr. Andrew’s Cathedral School Mass Homily Podcast

Note: the reading today was taken from John 15:18-21.

“That’s hard!” How often did we say that as kids?  (How often do we say it as adults?!)  Yet facing the hard stuff is part of life – with God’s help as we strive to act as disciples of Jesus Christ.


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