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A Catholic priest since 1997, Fr. Andrew Ricci is currently the rector of the Cathedral of Christ the King in Superior, WI. His website "Three Great Things" can be found at and his podcasts can be found under "Catholic Inspiration" in the iTunes store.

Daily Mass: Stay connected to Jesus. Catholic Inspiration

Jesus speaks of his relationship to the Father and invites us to become his disciples by remaining in his word.  What attacks this connection?  Sin.  Yet the closer we draw near to the Lord the clearer we see our need for God and the grace that Christ alone can offer us.

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 5th Week of Lent


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Daily Mass: Jesus is the Son of God. Catholic Inspiration

In John’s Gospel we hear Jesus state that he is “I AM” not once but twice.  These words echo back to the time of Moses, who was told by God that “I AM” is his name.  Let us be clear: Jesus is Lord, the 2nd Person of the Trinity whose divinity will be fully revealed when we stand before him at the end of time.  May we live accordingly!

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 5th Week of Lent


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Palm Sunday: The Passion of the Christ

Station - Jesus in Crucified

Study: Read the Passion narrative again; put yourself in the drama of the Lord’s death. Stand with Mary at the foot of his cross.

Pray: Take time to gaze at the cross. Look beyond the art to the reality of the Lord’s passion. Dwell upon his wounds and thank him for his sacrifice.

Serve: Consider who is in need of healing in your life. Are there people who are carrying a heavy cross? Might you be like Simon of Cyrene – perhaps able to help them with a part of the load?

Mass Readings – Palm Sunday of the Lord’s Passion

How many times throughout our lives have we made the sign of the Cross? Stop and think: at Mass; meal prayers; morning & evening prayers; special gatherings; and moments of blessing and grace. This simple action, which we teach to children at an early age, invokes a connection with the passion of Jesus.

We adorn our homes with the Cross. A crucifix is a common gift to a new home; they are placed in bedrooms and common areas as a reminder that Jesus is the source of our help and strength.

We adorn ourselves with the Cross in many ways: a crucifix on a chain; a cross in our pocket; earrings; rings; bracelets; and all the extra cards, bookmarks, figurines, and miscellaneous items that remind us that Jesus died on a Cross.

The passion we read every year on this day focuses our attention on the central mystery of our faith. Out of love for us God sent Jesus, who gave his life on the Cross that we might have eternal life. Through his suffering and death, we recognize that God has made a pathway possible that we might all journey through this life to the gates of Heaven.

The Cross teaches us many lessons:
* Life is difficult, and at times painful
* Weakness and sin are part of our experience
* God identifies with our pain
* God dies that we might have life

At the core of our teaching the Cross stands as the testament of God’s love for us. On one hand the Cross is an embarrassment – after all, why would God (all powerful, all knowing, supreme) choose to be humiliated? Does that not mean that God is weak? Why could God not take away our sins in a way that showed majesty and splendor?

Yet on the other hand, the Cross is a statement that God meets us where we are in life. In our weakness, in our humiliation, in our low moments of doubt and sin God comes to us. Jesus, like us in every way but sin, understands our pain because through his Cross he shares in the suffering of the world. He knows us, and loves us even more.

Every time we make the sign of the Cross may we recall what the Lord endured for us. May the Cross be our strength as we trust in God’s love, and may we seek to follow that love as we journey through this life toward the world to come.


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Note: this post was originally published on March 18,  2013.

Monday Conversation: A Teaching Mass. Catholic Inspiration

Fr. Andrew offered a Teaching Mass for the kids from the Cathedral religious education program on April 3, 2019.  This 40 minute presentation summarizes the explanation about the Mass and how we can get more out of this crucial prayer that Jesus left us.


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5th Sunday of the Year: God’s judgment offers mercy. Catholic Inspiration

The encounter between Jesus and the woman caught in adultery offers an insight into both the judgment and mercy of God.  May we cherish the Lord’s compassion as we honestly examine our hearts for whatever keeps us from God and one another.

Mass Readings – 5th Sunday of the Year


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Photo Credit: The Passion of the Christ, 2004.

Daily Mass: Seeking unity when we encounter division. Catholic Inspiration

As doubt and division surround Jesus in the Gospel of John, we recognize the presence of division in our lives and throughout the world today.  Wherever we find ourselves isolated and at odds with one another, may we draw near to the Lord and ask for his grace to bring unity and peace.

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 4th Week of Lent


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Daily Mass: How our faith helps us in the face of conflict. Catholic Inspiration

The book of Wisdom and the Gospel of John reveal the conflict that arises when we follow the Lord in our daily lives.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 4th Week of Lent


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