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Daily Mass: Elizabeth & Mary. Catholic Inspiration

DF-13986 Nativity ,   May 18, 2006 Photo by Jaimie Trueblood/ To license this image (9556568), contact NewLine: U.S. +1-212-686-8900 / U.K. +44-207-868-8940 / Australia +61-2-8262-9222 / Japan: +81-3-5464-7020 +1 212-686-8901 (fax) (e-mail) (web site)

Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 4th Week of Advent

The exchange between Elizabeth and Mary follows up the events we heard at Mass yesterday.  Elizabeth, filled with the Holy Spirit, recognizes Jesus as her own child (John the Baptist) leaps for joy in her womb.  May this Christmas offer us the opportunity to draw near to the Lord and be filled with the same Spirit!


Photo Credit: The Nativity Story, Newline, 2006.

Daily Mass: Gabriel & Mary. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 4th Week of Advent

The interchange between Gabriel and Mary offers us rich insights regarding how we embrace our faith.


Annunciation, Bottecelli, 1481, Uffizi, Florence, Italy.



Study: Recall a powerful Christmas memory.  What made it special?

Pray: Who could use a prayer this Christmas?  Offer it from your heart.

Serve: Does someone in your life need a little Christmas cheer?  Make it happen!

Mass Readings – Christmas (4 Options)

The beauty and power of Christmas flows from a central point: that God sent his Son into our world because we needed a savior.  Jesus takes on our human form and – like us in all things but sin – he redeems our fallen nature.  While his mission will be fulfilled through his death, resurrection and ascension, his birth offers us hope; God comes to us, establishing a bridge over sin and death and providing us with a way that leads to Heaven.

To reach us the Lord sets aside grandeur and majesty, coming into our world in humility and poverty, vulnerable and in need of the care of others.  Mary and Joseph, the angels and shepherds reveal that many played a part in the birth of the Christ child.

We do, too.  As Jesus teaches us, we also have the opportunity to encounter the Lord and one another in simple and approachable ways, setting aside our obstacles and being open to love and service.

How is the Lord leading you this Christmas?  How does the example of Jesus inspire you to reach out in love to others?  Is God speaking to your heart?

The Lord’s birth shows us that with a gentle and humble spirit we can approach one another in grace.  May this holy season foster our faith, strengthen our hope, and enrich our love.

Merry Christmas!


Adoration of the Magi, Fabriano, 1423, Uffizi, Florence, Italy.


Monday Conversation: Great Christmas Movies. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Monday Conversation Podcast (24 Minutes)

Christmas offers a rich opportunity for story telling amid the backdrop of the Great Story of the birth of Jesus.  Fr. Andrew discusses some of the comments and insights he has received from his Facebook page, inviting us to consider how film can help us all enter into this holy season.

4th Sunday of Advent: Emmanuel, God is with us! Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – 4th Sunday of Advent

We call upon the Lord as Emmanuel which means “God is with us” when we are alone, exhausted, searching and sinful.  May we turn to the Lord in our need and rejoice in the saving power of God!


The Virgin in Adoration of the Child, Correggio, 1518-1520, Ufizzi, Florence, Italy.

Daily Mass: Welcome to the family. Catholic Inspiration

La Familia

Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 3rd Week of Advent

The genealogy of Jesus outlined in Matthew’s Gospel recalls the crucial role of family.  Our families are crucial networks where we grow and face the challenges of life.  While no one has a perfect family (certainly not Jesus!) we all can find within our own families opportunities to foster faith, hope and love.

i miei nipoti - 2

Daily Mass: Our testimony? Our example! Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Friday of the 3rd Week of Advent

The Lord points out that the works he performs testify on his behalf.  Following his example and the words of Isaiah the prophet, we have the opportunity every day to lead others to Christ as we observe what is right and do what is just, as we offer Christian witness in our daily actions.

Daily Mass: The Kingdom of God. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 3rd Week of Advent

Jesus offers us a glimpse of the power and beauty of the Kingdom of God, inspiring us to live the Lord’s love today as we set our eyes on the world to come.

Daily Mass: What you see and hear. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Wednesday of the 3rd Week of Advent (St. John of the Cross)

Jesus tells the disciples of John the Baptist to report what they see and hear – wonders that show that Jesus is Lord.  May we carry the same message into our lives today!

Daily Mass: Actions speak louder than… Catholic Inspiration

Trust Quote

Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – Tuesday of 3rd Advent (Feast of St. Lucy)

Actions speak louder than…yeah, you know the rest.  Now all we have to do: act in a manner worthy of Christ.