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Saint Thomas, Apostle. Catholic Inspiration

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The skepticism of Thomas is familiar to many of us. Let’s face it, it’s easy to doubt and question even in the best situations! Yet in the end Thomas makes a profession of faith that inspires us to overcome our own doubts as we follow the Lord.

Mass Readings – Feast of St. Thomas, Apostle


Daily Mass: What we learn from doubting Thomas. Catholic Inspiration

In many ways, the doubts of the Apostle Thomas reflect the questions that surface in the hearts of young adults today. Through truth, beauty and goodness we provide opportunities that help them see something bigger than themselves…leading to an encounter with God.

Mass Readings – St. Thomas, Apostle

Daily Mass: St. Thomas – honest doubts, sincere faith. Catholic Inspiration

St. Thomas reminds us that as disciples we can be honest with our human doubts even as we embrace our faith in Christ.  As we bring our struggles to the Lord, we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus…calling for the grace we need each day.

Mass Readings – St. Thomas, Apostle

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Daily Mass: The doubt (and faith) of St. Thomas. Catholic Inspiration

St. Thomas is known for his doubts about the resurrection of Jesus.  However, once he saw the Risen Lord he boldly proclaimed “My God and my Lord!”  This very real portrait of Thomas inspires us in the midst of our doubts to draw near to Christ and proclaim the Good News in our daily lives.

Mass Readings – St. Thomas, apostle


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