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Daily Mass: What’s your attitude to the ups and downs of life? Catholic Inspiration

The Lord reveals how the people complained about him and John the Baptist.  Their “glass is half empty” thinking demonstrates the tremendous influence we have in shaping and determining our attitude…especially in difficult moments in our lives.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 2nd Week of Advent (St. John of the Cross)


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Daily Mass: God guides and empowers our hearts. Catholic Inspiration

The Lord speaks to the people about John the Baptist as the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets.  He is Elijah, who points out the Lamb of God, and from this foundation of faith we take our part in God’s great story of salvation history.

Mass Readings – Thursday of 2nd Advent (St. Lucy)


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2nd Sunday of Advent: Building our hope on Jesus Christ. Catholic Inspiration

In every age people find themselves looking for hope as they face the challenges and battles of life.  Jesus Christ is the foundation of our hope, inspiring us to seek out the Lord in our lives and discerning how we can share our hope with one another.

Mass Readings – 2nd Sunday of Advent


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Daily Mass: The death of John the Baptist. Catholic Inspiration

John’s death vividly reveals the potential price tag for our faith.  Yet we can find new strength to face the injustices of life through our conviction that we are made for more…in this life and in the life to come.

Mass Readings – The death of John the Baptist


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Daily Mass: A life of faith in an unjust world. Catholic Inspiration

The cruel death of John the Baptist offers a brutal reminder that our world is filled with forces of destruction.  In the face of injustice we keep our eyes fixed on the Cross of Christ, so that we can acknowledge the evil around us with the strength of the Lord who triumphs over it.

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 17th Week of the Year – St. John Vianney


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The Birth of John the Baptist. Catholic Inspiration

John the Baptist offers a strong and potent example of Christian witness for us today.  John’s life served as a preparation for the messiah; he recognized the Lord from the very beginning and he embraced God’s call with fierce commitment.  Now it’s our turn!

Mass Readings – The Nativity of John the Baptist (Vigil Mass)

Mass Readings – The Nativity of John the Baptist (Mass of the Day)


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The birth of John the Baptist

Study: Recall a time when you were specifically chosen to carry out an important task.  How did you respond?

Pray: Is there a challenge or difficulty facing you right now?  Ask the Lord for the grace you need to carry it out.

Serve: Is there someone in your life that is having a tough time?  How can your words inspire and encourage?

Mass Readings – The Birth of John the Baptist

John the Baptist is a powerful prophet, calling the people to repentance and directing them to Jesus. Let’s start with an overview of the readings this week:

  • 1st Reading – Isaiah recognizes how he was called from the womb to serve the Lord
  • Psalm – “I praise you, for I am wonderfully made.”
  • 2nd Reading – St. Paul speaks about how John was the herald for Jesus
  • Gospel – We hear about John’s birth and how Elizabeth names him

While I have always been fascinated by this fiery prophet, I sheepishly wonder if I would want to be in deep conversation with him for very long!  John conveys an urgent and intense conviction – now is the time for repentance – and I have always imagined that he would have the ability to look right through a person into the heart.

Yet this is exactly the instrument that was needed to prepare the way for Jesus.  Chosen by God, John’s birth, life, ministry and death all serve as a crucial preliminary step for people to encounter the mission of Christ.  John blazes the trail; Jesus leads people along the way.

John’s birth also teaches us that just as John was prepared for a specific mission, so we are also called by God to offer our lives in the world.  As sons and daughters of the Lord, our lives are a blessing that is meant to be shared.  We have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ, and now we have work to do that falls to our particular situation in life.

How are you being called to offer your life today?  How do you see the Lord at work in your words and actions?  May the example of John strengthen our resolve to share the gift of our lives!

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