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27th Sunday of the Year – Stir into flame the gift of God. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Homily Podcast

Mass Readings – 27th Sunday of the Year

We stir into flame our faith in Jesus Christ through prayer, sacraments, and our relationships with one another.

School Mass: How will you make it a great year? Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Opening School Mass Homily Podcast

The start of a new school year is a fresh beginning, just like a plain piece of paper, and it can become anything – a prayer, composition, work of art or even an airplane!  Students are given three keys for a powerful year: daily prayer, hard work, and being the best kid they can be in their families.

The Holy Family – Catholic Inspiration

Three Great Things

Fr. Andrew’s Holy Family Homily Podcast

The Holy Family had its mix of blessings and burdens – just like every family.  Yet through their struggles God was with them, guiding and guarded them in Faith, Hope, and Love…and the Lord will do the same for our families as well.

La Familia