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13th Sunday of the Year: Follow the Lord

Study:  Consider a moment when you made a total commitment to a task or project.  How did your commitment give you focus and strength?

Pray:  Is there something keeping you from growing in your relationship with Christ?  Offer it up in your prayer and ask the Lord for help.

Serve:  Do you have a gift or talent that can help another in need?  Perhaps the Lord is showing you a way to help build his Kingdom.

Mass Readings – 13th Sunday of the Year

There are several powerful points that surface in this week’s Scripture readings.  Here are a few key thoughts:

  • 1st Reading – Elisha seeks to follow Elijah
  • Psalm – “You are my inheritance, O Lord.”
  • 2nd Reading – Paul reminds us that we are free in Christ to live in the Spirit
  • Gospel – Jesus invites, “Come follow me.”

It’s this notion of following the Lord that I’d like to focus on this week.  What does it mean to follow Jesus Christ?  What does it mean to say that he is the Lord of our lives?  Consider these thoughts:

  • Christ is the #1 priority of our lives, above all else
  • We seek to follow his teaching and example in all things
  • In our weakness and sin, we strive to seek his forgiveness & mercy
  • We recommit our lives every day as his disciples
  • We open our hearts to grow daily in his grace

Practically, I’d like to suggest to key points to help us follow the Lord.  First, what are the obstacles that are keeping me away from Jesus today?  There are many things that can block our path to the Lord – distraction, fear, preoccupation, overly busy, exhaustion, worry – and sometimes we need to recognize these concerns and put them in perspective.

Second, what are the gifts that I bring to the Lord?  God has blessed each one of us in unique and precious ways…how might we set our talents before the feet of Christ for his service in the world?  How might we use our lives today to proclaim the Good News of Jesus to others?

The Lord said, “Come follow me.”  As we embrace this invitation, may we offer our lives with complete conviction as walk with Jesus today.

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Note: This post was first published on June 20, 2016.

Daily Mass: Christ’s sacrifice makes reconciliation possible. Catholic Inspiration

St. Paul shows how the sacrifice of Jesus Christ makes reconciliation possible in our world.  As disciples of the Lord, we are called to be ambassadors – agents of healing – who help continue the Lord’s saving mission to reconcile people to God and one another.

Mass Readings – Saturday of the 10th Week of the Year

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Daily Mass: We hold a treasure in earthen vessels. Catholic Inspiration

St. Paul reminds us that we hold a treasure from God in our fragile, human hands.  As disciples of Jesus Christ we always recognize two issues: on one hand we are inheritors of God’s glory; on the other hand we are weak and prone to sin.  May we accept God’s grace and allow the Lord to touch our lives with his healing love.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 10th Week of the Year

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Daily Mass: You are salt and light. Catholic Inspiration

Jesus reminds us that we are salt and light – disciples called to live our faith in the world – so that when people see our good deeds they will give praise to our Heavenly Father.  May we offer our lives today, trusting that the Lord will take our offering and bless it with grace to continue Christ’s mission in the world.

Mass Readings – Tuesday of the 10th Week of the Year (St. Barnabas)


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Daily Mass: In the footsteps of Peter and Paul. Catholic Inspiration

The first reading and the Gospel feature elements about Peter and Paul.  Both of these men are giants in the early Church, and through their example we recognize that God continues to call new disciples in every generation.

Mass Reading – Saturday of the 7th Week of Easter


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Daily Mass: Follow the Lord. Catholic Inspiration

We can place ourselves in the Gospel of John as Jesus invites Peter to follow him.  Out of love for the Lord we, too, will be called to make our sacrifices as we put our faith into practice.

Mass Readings – Friday of the 7th Week of Easter


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Daily Mass: The Lord prays for our unity. Catholic Inspiration

Jesus prays for his current and future disciples that they will be one – united to God and one another – as they journey through life.  May our unity flourish in the love of Christ as we draw nearer each day to the Lord.

Mass Readings – Thursday of the 7th Week of Easter 


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