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30th Sunday of the Year – Divine Power

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Study:  Where have you seen signs of God’s grace at work in your life?  How did it change you?

Pray:  Are there people or circumstances in your life that are wounded or hurting?  Pray for healing power!

Serve:  Do you see someone in need?  How can you help them?

30th Sunday of the Year Readings

Fr. Andrew’s Homily Podcast

The readings this week reveal a common theme of divine power:

  • 1st – The Lord delivers his people
  • Psalm – “The Lord has done great things for us”
  • 2nd – Christ the great high priest
  • Gospel – Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus

Throughout these scriptures the Lord comes with dynamic energy: liberating, saving, healing and redeeming.  This is Good News!  In the midst of the challenges and struggles of human life we find Jesus coming to us – meeting us where we are – with the transformative power of his grace.

With this power in mind, I would suggest two points for consideration this week:

  1. What in my life needs to receive the Lord’s power?
  2. How can I share my life to give the Lord’s power?

Let’s start with receiving.  Where in my life am I wounded, hurting, or helpless?  Do I identify with Bartimaeus, calling upon the Lord for pity?  If so, our prayer (in private and at Mass) can be directed to heaven…asking for the grace we need to keep going.

Giving means we allow the Lord’s power to work through us.  Giving requires that we see the needs of those around us, determine a proper response, and act in a manner worthy of Christ.  We become the Lord’s hands and feet in service to others; our words speak encouragement and hope.

God continues to work with power in our world today, giving us all the opportunity to open our hearts to the endless grace of Christ.  May we draw near to the Lord with confidence and allow his strength to work through us as we touch the hearts of those we meet.

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