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5th Sunday of Easter: Rocks in the Master’s hand. Catholic Inspiration

Mass Readings – 5th Sunday of Easter

We are called to be a “living stone” in the hands of the Lord.  Purchased by the blood of Christ, our lives are precious – worthy not only of redemption but as an offering through which God can transform and create something dynamic and new.  May we offer our lives today and recognize in our sisters and brothers the beauty of their souls.


Archive of Fr. Andrew’s Podcasts

Monday Conversation: What are you doing for Lent? Catholic Inspiration

Fr. Andrew - Color

Monday Conversation – 25 Minutes

Lent provides a wonderful opportunity to implement new actions that draw us closer to the Lord and one another.  As we reflect on our current situation, consider ways that speak to our interests, and integrate the sacraments of the Church, we find ourselves poised to make this the best Lent ever.


Archive of Fr. Andrew’s Podcasts

Daily Mass: Living Stones. Catholic Inspiration


Fr. Andrew’s Daily Mass Homily Podcast

Daily Mass Readings – Thursday of the 8th Week of Ordinary Time

St. Peter describes us as “Living Stones” built up into the people of God.  May we draw on the Lord for the strength we need as we support and encourage one another!

2nd Sunday of Easter – One Heart and Mind – Catholic Inspiration

Three Great Things

Fr. Andrew’s 2nd Sunday of Easter Homily Podcast

Working together demands effort, cooperation, collaboration, and dedicated people who are committed to each other.  While never easy, the early Church showed the power of unity as they gathered in “one heart and mind” to proclaim the Good News.  Three things can help us live this “blue collar cousin” to Christian love:

  • Our Part – removing obstacles and building bridges in our relationships
  • Their Part – helping and empowering others when they come to us
  • God’s Part – the grace of Christ to unite and strengthen us, even when we are weak

This homily was given at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Superior, WI on April 12, 2015.

14th Sunday of the Year – God Works Through Us

Love one another

Study:  Name three people who have had a real influence in your life.  What did they do or say that made the difference?

Pray:  In your daily prayer, when you pray for people call to mind their faces (preferably smiling!).

Serve:  Who can you help today?  How might you be the living witness of Christ to someone God places in your path?

14th Sunday Readings

In the Gospel today Jesus chooses seventy-two disciples to go out and minister to the people.  They journeyed to every town Jesus intended to visit, proclaiming the Good News and healing the sick.

I’ve often wondered about this commission.  Why did Jesus do this?  We know through the Scriptures that Jesus performed countless miracles, so why did the Lord pick out certain people to share in his ministry?  He certainly didn’t need them, yet they were empowered by Jesus to participate in his work of redemption.

Simply put, God works through people.  The Lord chose these seventy-two individuals to be conduits of grace.  As instruments of God’s power, these disciples not only furthered the ministry of Christ, they became coworkers of God’s plan for the Kingdom.  These people, chosen by the Lord, proclaim the Word of God with a human voice.

Furthermore, God works through people to build a human community.  We do not walk through life alone.  The Lord not only invites us to reach out, but the Lord supports his people in their service.  This is why the disciples went out in pairs; they were able to strengthen each other in difficult moments and celebrate in their joys.

For these reasons the Church exists today.  God calls us to grow together – reaching out to those in need and supporting one another as we follow our path of discipleship.  This is the purpose of our sacraments, our prayer, our Eucharist, and our lives in the larger community.

For when we realize that God works through people we discover that God works through us.  The Lord invites us to be open to the Spirit of Christ.  As we imitate the example of Jesus by the practicing the love he proclaimed, we continue the Lord’s saving work here on Earth.  Our hands and feet carry on the service of Jesus so that healing and hope might continue.

The sending of the disciples reveals that God intends to give us an opportunity to participate in this wonderful work.  May we be open to this invitation, sharing the many gifts and talents we have received as we offer our lives to help build the Kingdom of Heaven.

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