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Christmas – The Nativity of the Lord


Study:  Reflect on your life right now.  Is there something difficult that needs God’s grace?

Pray:  Take a moment in your prayer to accept the love of Jesus.  Pause on the readings of Christmas and allow his grace to touch your heart.

Serve:  Share the love of Christ with another – a gentle word, a kind deed, and tender thought.

Christmas Eve Readings:    Vigil Mass    Mass at Midnight

Christmas Day Readings    Mass at Dawn    Mass during the Day

The titles are endless:

* King of Kings   * Lord of Lords   * Prince of Peace

* Rod of Jesse   * Key of David   *Desire of Nations

* Wonder Counselor   * God Hero   * Emmanuel

* The Messiah   *Christ the Lord

Yet the Savior of the world did not stand on his title, did not presume his glory, and did not claim power.  He was born homeless in the midst of poverty and the threat of violence.  Simply put, the Lord came into our world in the most humble way – to remind us that nothing, NOTHING is out of reach of God’s saving grace.

Born like all of us as a vulnerable baby, dependent on others, he would grow to teach us about his Father in heaven and how we are called to love and serve.  Again, the Lord did not claim his power, but rather invites us to hear his voice and follow.

Have you heard the bells of Christmas?  Some are tiny ornaments on the tree.  Some are massive that hang in belfries and call us to worship.   Some are on the sleigh.  Others are rung by hand.  In many ways the bells remind us of Jesus – the sound we hear is an invitation to act.

No matter where we have been and what we have done, Jesus Christ comes into our world – in the messy, challenging, difficult, stressful, and chaotic parts of our lives – and he calls us gently and lovingly.  Do we listen?  Do we respond?

He knows us, he shares our nature, and he reaches out.  There is nothing to fear – he understands us better than we understand ourselves – and he loves us completely.  This Christmas let the love of the Savior touch your heart.  Hear his call and respond with love for the Lord and the people God has put in your life today.

Merry Christmas!