About Fr. Andrew Ricci, Three Great Things and Catholic Inspiration

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The “Three Great Things” are part of the mission directive of the Cathedral of Christ the King parish, and “Catholic Inspiration” evolved from the daily homilies and presentations that are part of the everyday work of a parish priest.

We can talk about Jesus Christ when we know him; through study we discover who God is and how we can become fully and authentically human.

We can say that we follow Christ if we spend time with him; the different opportunities to pray allow us to encounter God in  personal and meaningful ways.

We can proclaim that Christ is Lord by living as he taught; as we serve one another we allow the Holy Spirit to work through our unique lives to further the Kingdom of God here and now.

A Catholic priest since 1997, Fr. Andrew Ricci is the rector of the Cathedral of Christ the King in Superior, Wisconsin, and the pastor of 4 other area Catholic parishes: Holy Assumption Church, Superior; St. Anthony Church, Superior; St. William Church, Foxboro;  and St. Anthony Church, Lake Nebagamon.  He earned a BA in Classical Languages from the University of St. Thomas, as well as an MA in Theology and a Master of Divinity from St. John’s University.  A lifelong learner, Fr. Andrew enjoys all things Italian as well as cooking, wine making, reading, travel, astronomy, and music.

These weekly blogs are part of his study, prayer, and service to prepare for the Sunday homily; once the homily has been given the blog is updated to include the homily for that weekend.  In addition, extra talks, retreats, and reflections are occasionally included.

The archive for all his podcasts can be found at


or at “Catholic Inspiration” in iHeart Radio, Spotify, or Apple Podcasts.


81 responses to “About Fr. Andrew Ricci, Three Great Things and Catholic Inspiration

  • Janice Solum

    Is it possible to get email notifications when you post to this website?

    • Fr. Andrew Ricci

      Yes, simply click on the “Follow” button in the bottom right corner of the screen. It will ask for your email address and automatically send you a notification when a new post occurs.

    • Wayne Barber

      There are so many great resources for Catholics and you are on the top of the list of my podcasts (google). I appreciate the depth and brevity of your homilies. I am confident it is the holy spirit giving you wisdom and strength to keep up with all your responsibilities. Please pray for us Father, especially to serve with the help of the holy spirit and with fervor as we pray for you and your work. Thank you.

  • Shala Glennon

    Dear Father, Thank you for your Good News! I discovered you yesterday on I Heart Radio. I needed something to help me while I painted in our house. I love listening to your podcasts. One day listening and I am a fan! I love filling my head and heart with Jesus so
    that I too may learn, pray, and serve. God bless you as you spread the Good News!

  • Barb Terrill

    Thank you Father for your inspirational Easter message!
    I always remember you talking about your quiet time with Jesus and a great cup of coffee. I am retired now so am taking up that practice every
    morning also. I am going to spread the word about your podcasts to my
    sons and friends. God bless you and miss you!

  • Nelly fandino

    Dear Father,
    Thank you so much for your bible teachings,
    Your insights have changed my life and I am so grateful for that,
    I have been listening you on the podcast in “catholic inspiration” since January 2017 while I was nursering my 2 months old baby girl.
    I’m Colombian and currently live in Bogota.
    May God bless you and keep covering you with grace so you can carry on spreading the good news!!

    • Fr. Andrew Ricci

      Thank you Nelly for your kind words! May the Lord bless you and your family!

      • Melanie Brown

        Dear Father Ricci, thank you for your podcast. I am not Catholic but I have listened for 2 years now and your podcast is the only Christian one I have consistently subscribed to without getting bored or unchallenged! Thank you for encouraging in faith, love and deeds. Very grateful for your ministry. Praise the Lord!!

      • Fr. Andrew Ricci

        Melanie, thank you for your kind words! May this sacred season of Christmas bless us all. You’re in my prayers!

  • Jon Backes

    Hello Father Ricci – thank you for the podcasts! I get a lot out of them and look forward to each new posting. I have a 6 yr old son and a 4 yr old daughter, do you happen to have any daily/weekly teachings for kids or could you please offer any suggestions on other publications my wife and I can use with our kids?

    Thanks in advance!


  • Florencia

    Dear Father, I just heard your homily on Power and Authority and couldn’t have loved it more! I’m decided to listen to it again and again as those are the words I need to start this new year (being from Argentina, I’m still on holiday mode)
    I have no idea how my husband found your podcast, but I’m glad he did, ‘cause he’s the one who forwarded it to me. You can bet I’ll be following your podcast from now on!
    I thank God for your words! And I pray I can put the power and authority He’s given me to good use.
    Congratulations and thank you!

  • Maryam Salihu

    Dear Father, Forgive me for I haven’t stayed in touch. I couldn’t find your email.
    How is the Cathedral? How is Superior, Wisconsin?
    Its Maryam. Thank you for all your prayers. I cast my burden on him everyday. Like you always encouraged me to. I miss attending morning mass. Graduate school (In Atlanta) is interesting. I am busier than usual, but I am enjoying every bit of it. I would write to you more often. Thank you father, I haven’t forgotten everything you taught me in relation to Christ. Thank you for being there during my difficult times.

  • Kathleen Cecilia Robinson

    Dear Father Rocci,

    Thank you so much for you Podcasts. They give me direction, learning & hope. I grew up Catholic but my family converted to Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral. My sisters and I were left on our own to decide to go with them or go to the Church of our choice (my mother was not allowed to be a member of our Catholic Church because she divorced my physically abusive father who cheated on her and suffered from prescription drugs and alcohol and refused treatment ). My mother was devistated being kicked out of Church Membership. I was suspended from Catechism because I questioned how to understand the Holy Trinity while in the 4th grade. I believe I am and want to be a good Catholic. However I am also divorced 18 years ago and have been in love with a wonderful man for 16 years and married to him for 8 years. I have always tried my best to be a good Catholic on what little I know. I was diagnosed with stage4 cancer in 2013 and in an airline accident in 2011. I am now cancer free but I can’t drive and can’t sit through a Mass, have trouble kneeling etc.

    I apologize for being long winded but I need your help
    1) how can I become more educated and devoted to my Catholic Faith from home?
    2) I listened to a Baptist podcast that says anxiety is a Sin. I am so upset. I don’t want to Sin. I try hard to manage my anxiety. I see a Psychiatrist and Psychologist. I take medication. But I am told I have anxiety & PTSD from being bolted down to a tomoradiation table an hour a day for 9 1/2 weeks, the pain and sickness from having a rare head/neck
    cancer and physical limitations from injuries from the airline accident. I thank God for being blessed everyday, all day. Am I a Sinner for having anxiety even though I’m working hard on it? And how can I become a good Catholic and learner? I don’t know how to study the Bible (I have one and try to read it but it’s hard for me to understand…still working on the Old Testament). Any help and answers you can give me is a Blessing. Thank you Father. I see how busy you are and how many people depend on you. I hope you can find time for me to help me.
    Kathleen Cecilia Robinson

    • Fr. Andrew Ricci

      Dear Kathleen,

      Thank you for your kind words. I will keep you in my daily prayers.

      In regard to your questions I would encourage you to go and reach out to the local Catholic Church near you and see if you can meet with a priest or parish volunteer. You have an important story to share about your life, and they can help you reconnect with your faith. You need your faith in Jesus now more than ever! The Church will help you draw near the Lord.

      Again, you are in my prayers!
      Fr. Andrew

  • Karen E. Hughes

    Father Ricci,

    I enjoy your daily Catholic Inspirations podcasts since my husband recommended them about a month ago. I was especially taken with Season 18, Episode 305 Monday Conversation – A Plan for Life.

    I checked the website and didn’t see any, but is there a worksheet, power point or the link that gives a guide to the pillars and steps? Essentially a map to going through the process and a way to take notes, set goals and checkpoints etc?

    Thank you for providing the ministry you do through the podcasts.

    Best regards,

    Karen E. Hughes

  • Kathleen Robinson

    Dear Father Ricci,

    Your podcasts are such an inspiration, and today’s was my “oh now I get it” moment. It gave me direction which I needed desperately. I almost felt it was meant just for me. I have shared your podcast with my Mother, and she is becoming a listener.

    I was wondering how I might support your podcast. I can’t find a link to Patreon or other source where I could make a donation.

    Thank you,
    Kathleen Robinson

    I thank you for actually taking the time to respond to my email a week or so ago.

  • Kathleen Cecilia Robinson

    Blessed Father Ricci,
    I pray you are okay. I missed your Podcast today and keep checking all day to see if it has posted yet, but I now realize it’s after 6:00pm your time and it’s unlikely we will hear from you. Again I pray to Jesus, and our Lord that you are healthy and your loved ones are well. You can see how so many are blessed with your words received daily through your podcasts. We care and pray for you dear Father Ricci.

  • hugobermudezdavid

    Father Ricci,
    I discovered your podcast through Spotify several months ago about the same time I converted and rediscovered my faith in Christ. Your podcasts have been a joy to look forward to everyday since. After many years astray, they helped me immeasurably in my decision to become catholic, but also with my struggles of having been a non-practicing christian, then shamefully even an agnostic atheist for much of my life.Thank you so much for reaching out and taking the time to upload these podcasts and homilies. You’ll be happy to known I will be listening to them on the journey though RCIA. Best wishes, and God bless.

    Sincerely, Hugo

  • Matthew Fulcher

    Started listening to this podcast as I was recovering from a stroke. It is now a very important part of my day and one I look forward to.

  • Satish

    I have discovered this on Spotify and my day isn’t complete till I hear a sermon. It’s so inspirational and helps me be a better person. Thank you!

  • Marcus Vinicius Tinaglia

    Father Andrew,
    I have discovered your podcast on Spotfy while looking for words of faith. Thanks for the inspirational words and daily homily. Greetings from Brazil.

  • teamdewars

    Hi Fr Andy,

    Great podcast!

    I am looking for a Catholic Bible to purchase for my daughter who is “upgrading” to an adult version now that she is leaving home. She is confused by the options and I would like to get her an appropriate Catholic version with meaningful discussions or dialogue. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you for your assistance.

    • Fr. Andrew Ricci

      The best Bible is the one a person will read. There are many excellent Catholic versions (large print, devotional, study guide, etc) but until she looks at them herself you might not know. In addition, there’s the “feel” of the book that also adds to its appeal.

      That said: the New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE) is a sound choice if she wants the translation to match what is used for Mass.

      God bless you!

  • Carol E. Nickell

    Fr Andrew, I want you to know that we continue our to miss you in Spooner, Sarona, and Shell Lake parishes. I treasure your podcasts as they make me think about the gospel and it’s meaning. You are a gift to us and you continue to minister to our needs in the rural community in which we live. Thank you and may God continue to bless you AND us with your voice across the miles.

  • Noemi Jimenez

    You have helped me tremendously in my transition to Catholicism. You bring me daily inspiration that brings me closer to God. Thank you. At this time, due to COVID-19, will you be holding mass online?

  • Eileen Braeger

    Thank you Fr. Andrew for your wonderful inspirations and for providing daily Mass at this great time of need.

  • Paulo

    Dear Father. I always enjoy listening you everyday on Sportfy. This has been the life. Keep going this great job. I listen you here in Brazil. Thank you so much

  • Adolfo Blonval

    Hi Father,

    Just wanted to drop a line thanking you for serving and bringing us your ministry via the amazing Spotify podcast you record every day! I listen to it and share it many times with friends and family.

    Please keep up the good work for you give us that Sursum corda we need so much!

    Greetings from Indianapolis,

    God bless you!

  • Diana

    Thank you! I have been listening to your podcasts on Spotify, and the reminder of God’s love has helped get me through some pretty dark times.

  • Rick Groene

    Fr. Ricci I cannot thank you enough. I started listening to you around the new year and I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your podcasts and feel connected to you. God bless you for expanding your ministry to those of you not in your diocese.

  • Ann-Marie Heidingsfelder

    Father Andrew, I Love your daily podcasts and have been making them part of my daily prayer life for awhile now. Thank you So much for truly inspiring me every day through scripture. God bless you always!

    • Fr. Andrew Ricci

      Thanks for your kind words! Let us pray for one another.

      • Melanie Brown

        Dear Father Ricci, thank you for your podcast. I am not Catholic but I have listened for 2 years now and your podcast is the only Christian one I have consistently subscribed to without getting bored or unchallenged! Thank you for encouraging in faith, love and deeds. Very grateful for your ministry. Praise the Lord!!

  • Debbie Simon

    Love your daily gospel inspirations, insight and wisdom. You continue to enrich and deepen my spirituality. So thankful for your work and passion. Wishing you a very happy Jubilee – you are a daily blessing to me!

  • Mary and Dave Sempf

    Hi Fr Andy, during the pandemic we listened to you saying the Mass on a daily basis and enjoyed your homilies and words of faith. We live in menomonie wi and would like to attend a Mass that you preside at. Could you send us a schedule when you will be at the cathedral. Thank you so much.

  • Ruthie Seidenkranz

    Would it be possible to get a copy of your homily from Roger Kantor’s funeral? It was so inspiring and comforting. I did not know Roger. (I am a friend of his brother and sister-in-law) What a marvelous job you did sharing who he was and leading us to better ourselves. Thank you. Ruthie. (A Lutheran😊)

  • Michael

    Hi. I found your daily devotionals on Spotify. I really enjoy your messages and wisdom for each daily bible reading. Even though I am not formally Catholic, I do use your daily message as part of my “toolbox” for daily meditation and Christian living. Thank you.

  • Mike Howisey

    Hello Father. We listen to your podcast daily as part of our ritual of praying the rosary and reading Magnificat. Wanted you to know how much we appreciate what you do! We have listened all over the world and are impressed by how you never miss a day. We would like to contribute to your efforts and are wondering if the info below is correct for a donation? Can you please let me know? My email address is skifever7@gmail.com
    Charity NameCatholic Diocese of Superior
    Address1201 Hughitt Avenue
    Zip Code54880
    Contact NameSteve Tarnowski
    Telephone(715) 392-2937
    Tax ID39-0807040
    TypeReligion Related

  • thebrightrealist

    Fr. Ricci,

    Hi. I hope this message finds you well. I’ve been listening to your podcast ever since I discovered it in Spotify in 2020. I’ve shared this with my family and friends. This year, I’ve decided to integrate it to my daily devotion.

    I’d like to say thank you for making a difference in my life. Your homilies have soothed me to sleep and strengthened my faith. There have been many occasions wherein I found solace and understanding in your words.

    Today’s episode struck a chord in me. I was particularly moved when you said, “In the midst of all that mess, God’s work continues. Folks, we don’t need to be afraid of looking at our own messes…God’s will gives us the grace. God will walk with us every step of the way. God knows our hearts and will respond from His sacred heart to give us the blessings we require for the work today.” I had gone through difficulties these past few months, and I had just taken the step towards addressing it. I knew the Holy Spirit was speaking to me through you. I felt seen, and reassured.

    I hope you may continue to change lives with your ministry. I pray that just like you, I too may be an instrument of peace, compassion, and love.

    Sending my love and prayers from the Philippines.

    – KP

  • Patrick M Dechant

    I still listen to your pod casts.
    Thanks for the inspiration Fr Ricci
    Patrick Dechant

  • Patrick M Dechant

    I still listen to your pod casts.
    Thanks for the inspiration Fr Ricci
    Patrick Dechant

  • Peyton McCafferty

    I love your podcast Fr. Ricci! I know God is using it tremendously! I share your podcast with friends and family it’s truly a blessing to everyone who takes the time to listen.

  • Patrick

    Love your podcast. Daily listener. Amazing way to start the day and remind me of what really matters in life. Keep it up father Ricci!!

  • Thales Cabral

    Fr. Andrew,
    First, sorry for my bad english! I’m from Brazil (state of Bahia)
    Merry Christmas!!
    I’m listening your podcast every day since the final of 2021. It’s part of my daily routine!
    I wanna thank you for the great work you have done. It is a blessing wake up and hear “Hi, this father Andrew Ricci and …”
    My favourites podcasts are: “daily mass: we are temples of the holy spirit”; “daily mass: we serve one another with the compassion of Christ” and another about discipline (I forgot to save this, but I remember that you use the analogy whit the football players)
    Thank you for the guidance and I hope that happy 2023 !!!!
    Muito obrigado

  • Sue Kidder

    In todays podcast, March 26, 2023, Fr. Andrew Ricci mentions the seven great miracles/healings and goes on to say the first being the wedding at Cana, turning the water into wine. The sixth being the raising of the dead, Lazarus, and the seventh Jesus’s death and resurrection on the cross. So what are the others in specific order? I searched and results came up inconsistent. I’m a cradle Catholic, fallen away from the church for years. The past few years I’ve found my way back and I’m all in! Needing, wanting to learn all the things that I was probably told/taught and need to bring back to the forefront! I’ve been listening to your podcasts for the past several months at the recommendation of our faith formation director and have learned so much from your words, thank you!

    • Fr. Andrew Ricci

      Sue, thanks for your kind words! Here are the seven “signs” in the Gospel of John:
      1. The Water to Wine (Jn 2)
      2. The Healing of the Official’s Son (Jn 4)
      3. The Healing of the Paralytic at Bethesda (Jn 5)
      4. The Feeding of the Five Thousand (Jn 6)
      5. The Healing of the Man Born Blind (Jn 9)
      6. The Raising of Lazarus (Jn 11)
      7. The Death and Resurrection of Jesus (Jn 19-20)

  • Ed Martinez

    Father Ricci, thank you for your daily inspiration; I stumbled upon your daily blog on Spotify; they inspire me and keep me going throughout the day. I work in education here in Texas and listen to you every morning as I wait for our students to arrive at our school. Thanks again, Father Ricci, and God bless you – Ed Martinez

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